"A Wild Space Adventure"

The Emperor or the Creasion system needs a bride. He doesn't expect to find one on a primitive planet in the process of being overrun by Zerion invaders, let alone that he would find her being held prisoner on a newly-captured enemy ship. Her rescue was accomplished quickly, and it was only after the chaos that her distinctive necklace was noticed. How had a woman of Creasion royal blood wound up on Earth?

Their marriage was inevitable. Her reluctance to bond with him in the (telepathic) Creasion way wasn't. Despite her fear, her destiny was set. Emperor A'tr was going to take her back to his homeworld as his wife. She, of course, would be pleased at both his attention and her new station in life. He didn't take into account Izadra (Catherine's) need to control her own destiny. Perhaps things weren't going to be as simple as he had thought!

THREE MOONS RISING is a wild, intricate ride that stretches from Earth to the stars. Bound by history and destiny, Izadra (Catherine) and A'tr have no choice but to accustom themselves to a life together. Neither wants to admit to the growing affection between - until an ancient evil threatens both their lives and the entire empire itself. Vivid and exciting, THREE MOONS RISING is a delicious adventure with sweeping drama and enough romance to please any lover of futuristic romantic fiction.

That said, there are some significant points to consider when mulling over the purchase of this novel. Though THREE MOONS RISING has an interesting and vivid plot, some readers will be frustrated with the erratic punctuation and extensive narration. The story is readable, but a good editor would have been quite beneficial in transforming a good story into a great story. Also to be noted is the hero's method of forced seduction - it borders close enough on rape that some readers may well be offended. This is not a one-time deal, either. A'tr is not a particularly likeable hero, but he does redeem himself somewhat as the book winds to a close.

Overall, though intriguing, the technical errors in the book (and the fact that the hero and heroine's romance seemed forced, rather than a natural progression) made the book a difficult and slow read. Readers who are sensitive to such things might want to give THREE MOONS RISING a pass. If you can withstand the novel's weaknesses, however, a true adventure awaits.

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
Posted April 12, 2003

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2006


Emperor At'r, regal young sovereign of Planet Creasion dutifully subdues his enemies the Zerions, subsequently rescuing Izadra beautiful, mysterious, unknowing heiress of the Creasion Royal Necklace. At'r instantly recognizes the symbol and the fulfillment of the Creasion prophecy proclaiming her destiny as his wife. Born on Earth, Izadra refuses to believe the prophecy though the charisma between them is electric. Forced into marriage, Izadra defies him by refusing to consummate their union telepathically but neither can deny their buning physical desire for the other.

Pride and passion battle as they journey across the stars toward Creasion. At'r's omnipotent power frightens Izadra and she hides her love for him. Dedicated to his duty At'r will not admit his love for her. Reaching Creasion an evil cult threatens Izadra's life and that of their unborn child. Hesitantly they learn to trust each other, avowing their consuming love. Telepathically united they battle the evil cult controlled by a beautiful priestess intent on replacing Izadra and sacrificing their child. Love at last conquers all and they save their son vanquishing the evil cult. Under Creasion's Three Moons Rising At'r Crowns Izadra his Empress before their people confirming his passionate love for his Empress.


Three Moons Rising
by Sheila N. Eskew

April 1, 2002
ISBN #0595224873
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