"A new twist to the story!"

Once again, we're in the world of unicorns, vampires, and other mythical beings. However, this time, we're not in UNICORN VALLEY. This time, we're East, in the Enchanted Forest, and our female lead character is Moontyger, a weretiger. Our other two main characters, Le Chin, one of the Imperial dragons, and Jamir, a unicorn from UNICORN VALLEY. Jamir is also a mercenary and Moontyger has requested his aid in finding any of the Kirinn still left. The genetic diversity has died out in the Enchanted Forest and Moontyger sees it as her personal quest to ensure the species doesn't die out. Once Li Chin gets a look at the handsome mercenary, he decides to tag along on the quest. Of course, the fact he's been in love with Moontyger for longer than he cares to admit has nothing to do with it.

It also appears Li Chin is capable of being male and female. Lately, Li Chin is hearing the call of the wind more and more frequently and is afraid of passing into the next phase of a dragon's existence, that of becoming one with weather. During the transition, Li Chin will lose all his/her memories, which is something she/he doesn't want to happen.

Will Moontyger ever be able to find the reclusive Kirinn and save the race? What of Li Chin? Will the dragon cease to exist? And don't forget Jamir in all this. I'm sure he'll have an important role to play as well.

UNICORN VALLEY 4: MOONTYGER'S QUEST once again takes us outside the valley. Lena Austin introduces us to new species and a new way of life for the mythical beings in her world. We become acquainted with Eastern philosophy in this story, a whole new intriguing twist to this series. The sex is hot between these three, the scenery is all beautifully described and the characters are totally different from each other and compliment each other wonderfully. This series just keeps getting better and better with each one I read and I can't wait to see where and who Lena Austin writes about next!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 19, 2006


First, you must want to live.

When Moontyger sets out to find the descendants of the lost Kirinn clan with the Unicorn Mercenary Jamir as her protector, Imperial Dragon Li Chin knows he has little time to act. He’s kept his love for Moontyger a secret for far to long! He’d be jealous of the Unicorn, if only he/she weren’t so terribly attracted to Jamir, as well, in both his male and female forms. There’s only one problem with this opportunistic ménage -- Li Chin is dying, and only the love of the pair of them came save him -- even if he can’t tell them his terrible secret.

With the Dragon and the Mercenary as her guides, Moontyger sets off on her quest, oblivious to the secrets both men share. The trail will take them down the humans' Silk Road, and into the heart of their secret lusts and fears, where they will find out there are worse things than dying, and a new life gives them all a reason to live again!

Publisher’s Note: This book contains brief F/F and F/F/M scenes as well as M/F/M scenes. (And since Li Chin can change sexes, some times it’s hard to figure out who’s got what parts and where they are at the moment. But it’s great fun, so who cares?)


Moontyger's Quest
(Unicorn Valley 4)
by Lena Austin

Changeling Press
August 1, 2005
Available: August 1, 2005
ISBN #1595961135
EAN #9781595961136
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