"wildly unique and devastatingly erotic!"

This is one of those stories that you just have to read to believe!

Welcome to the year 2706 on Earth. This is a perfect world made up of only females, females that live, work and have sexual relationships with each other. All males died off centuries ago from a plague. Men are now considered violent, barbaric savages from the past. Yet, there are still babies being born, how can that be?

One man, Jackson Taylor, the last man on Earth, will find out that mystery and a little more than he could have bargained for. Females are not what he is used to in the future. His new cold sterile environment of sperm donor to the future just topped off an earlier day of not getting the job promotion he thought he had, his girlfriend dumping him, almost getting run over by a city bus and now this. Could things look anymore bleak?

Ariana "Ari" Seven has just gotten a promotion to the highly secretive fertility department. With this promotion will come some surprising developments concerning dealing with a MALE! Heavens to goodness, she has never even seen one of these hairy beasts before, and now she will have to harvest his sperm?

Last Man on Earth is by authoress Evangeline Anderson. This is one of those stories that immediately hooks and drags the reader into the story and not letting go until the last word is read. Just fantastic! Ms. Anderson style of erotic crafting is illicit and hot. She leaves nothing to the imagination, giving the readers a sexual feast of words and phrases.

When only something concluding different and drenched in originality will do, then you will want to stop by Cobblestone Press to nab a copy of Last Man on Earth, it is wildly unique and devastatingly erotic!

Posted July 4, 2006

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted November 18, 2006


Ariana Seven lives in a world without men. After a plague wipes out everyone with a Y chromosome, the women of Earth create the perfect utopian society. Secretly, Ari feels like a freak. Dating is a nightmare--and having sex? Forget about it!

Jackson Taylor has had the worst kind of day. He's screwed out of a promotion, his girlfriend dumps him, and just as hes about to get flattened by a city bus hes sucked into a time portal into the future. In this perfect world, they have only one use for men--as sperm donors. One look at Ari's silver-blond hair and velvety black eyes and he loses his heart.

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The Last Man on Earth
by Evangeline Anderson

Cobblestone Press
June 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880134
EAN #9781600880131
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