"beautiful and haunting tale of love and lovers"

They say that true love never dies, and that love can transcend the heaven and lightened the darkness of hell...

Have you ever had so much unrest in your soul with the desire to just get away from something or someone? You really cannot reason why, but the feeling just takes over, leaving you wanting, hungering for that something intangible. This happened to photographer, Evan Harris. He felt like his skin was too tight and that all his energy was going to overwhelm him. The need to flee took him away, driving to where, he was not sure, but drive he did.

He ends up lost and in the middle of a terrible storm, but a safe haven appears right in front of him, an old house with dim lights beckoning to him, pulling him toward the unknown.

When he finally makes his way inside the home, the past will become the present and the present will become the past, memories that feel lifelike, ghosting through his mind and body. There is a painting of the beautiful redheaded woman he finds before him that looks familiar— arousing familiar. Why does he feel this insane attraction to this woman? Who is she? What is she?

Enduring Promise is the debuting romance release by author Tempest Knight. Ms. Knight penned a beautiful and haunting tale of love and lovers. Enduring Promise is well written and executed in a flawless descriptive style. So well written that if all stories were of this caliber there would never be another unpleasant review or a need for a reviewer for that matter. Ms. Knight has a voice that many writers dream of, yet never quite ascertain.

Lovers of paranormal/vampire erotic romance will want to stake a copy of their own.

Posted July 4, 2006

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted November 18, 2006


Before Armand died by the hands of a vampire-hunting mob, he vowed Giselle Dubois he’d find a way to return to her on All Hallows' Eve. But after three centuries of waiting, her hopes have vanished, and feeling lonely, she is about to walk into the sunlight and end her life on All Hallows' Eve.

Until Armand wanders into Giselle's house. Except now he’s now thirty-five-year-old photographer Evan Harris. And he doesn’t remember her. She must awake his memories before dawn, using every single sensual means at her disposal. But would he be the same Armand she knew and loved?

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Enduring Promise
by Tempest Knight

Cobblestone Press
June 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880142
EAN #9781600880148
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