"What if the man of your dreams isn\'t a man?"

It is in 1800 when eight year old Angelina first met the vampire, though she was unaware of his true nature. It was a brief, but memorable meeting. She would not see him again for fifteen years.

It was Angelina's sixth season and many had given up on her finding a husband. Angelina would only marry for love and had not yet found a man she could give her heart to. Unfortunately, the man she compares all others to is one found only in her dreams--dreams she that she had for a time as a child and have now returned, but with a much more erotic tone. Then she meets Count Roman Ivanovich who has the eyes of the man of her dreams. Roman has waited for Angel in the sleep of his kind the past fifteen years. Now he is ready to claim her as his own, but only if she will come willingly. However, Roman is not the only one interested in Angel. The Hunter, the head of the Society to find vampires, is about. He notices Roman's attraction to Angel and devises a plan to use it to his own advantage.

This is a short, quick to develop story, with vampires that follow most of the customary rules. The hero of Moonlight Rendezvous with a Vampire enjoys being what he is. The heroine's acceptance of his true nature is refreshing. Some of the actions don't quite fit the time period, and the scenes are often short on descriptive detail. Nevertheless, you get a fairly good sense of Regency England. Over all, I really enjoyed this story and hope to see much more of Ms LaCroix's vampires.

Sexuality: Sparse, but fairly descriptive sensual scenes.

Reviewed by Flora Bell
Posted January 18, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


Angelina had met a mysterious man as a child, and he continued to live in her memory all her life. Now a young woman in her sixth season on the London marriage mart, Angelina looked for the man who haunted her dreams with his striking eyes and mesmerizing touch.

Count Roman waited years to finally take Angelina as his mate. Her blood called to him as he waited for her to grow into a beautiful woman, and now the time has come. Can he wait to win her heart in the restrains of English society? And once she learned his secret, will she be willing to become like him, an immortal vampire? When they come together, passions inflame and no rules will keep the lovers apart.

Meanwhile, the Hunter stalks within the shadows of society. Danger lurks as he plots to take Angelina and kill Roman once and for all. Can the lovers destroy the Hunter before he destroys them?


Moonlight Rendezvous with a Vampire
by Marianne LaCroix

Amber Quill Press
December 9, 2003
ISBN #1592791778
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