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Contemporary Erotica. An injury and some psychological problems cause Boston Detective Cameron Wyler to take a forced vacation. He hotfoots it up to Maine to see if he can find Gloria, the prostitute who helped take a serial killer off the streets. Harry, Cam's partner and friend, was killed in the process. Because he knows Harry would approve, Cam is going to find Gloria and give her the reward money. The problem is, Cam picks up the wrong woman. He mistakes third grade teacher Gertrude Prescott for hooker Gloria.

Thirty-year-old Trudy was not a risk taker. So how did she end up in a motel room with this terribly attractive stranger? However it happened, she's ready to have a one night stand with him. But he runs out on her, leaving an amazing amount of money behind. When Trudy stumbles onto the fact that this stranger is staying in a cabin in the woods, she decides to return the money to him -- and discovers who he is and who he thinks she is. Once she convinces him of her real identity, he sends her on her way.

But the attraction that these two feel for one another cannot be denied. Cam ends up staying at Trudy's house and, with much persuasion from Trudy, they finally end up sharing her bed. Though Cam would really like to have a meaningful relationship with her, Trudy insists all she wants is sex. She's not being entirely honest, though, and what she really hopes for is the reason she has convinced Cam that condoms aren't necessary.

Full of scintillating dialogue, once I started reading "Bittersweet" I didn't stop. Though the hero was of mixed parentage, with a strong African American appearance (the heroine is Caucasian), this really didn't have that much influence in the story. Cam is a really fantastic hero, a modern day gentleman and, though some of his sexual antics may seem otherwise, a truly gentle man. I usually don't like the hero calling the heroine baby, but it just seemed to fit here. The first half of the book is sex free, but this lack is made up for in the last half. The sex scenes are well done, but be warned, there is one in particular that could be offensive to those who are not regular readers of erotica. I would have liked to have gotten to know the characters in-depth a bit more, but this deficit didn't subtract from my enjoyment of the story.

Sensuality--NC17 Lots of sexual tension; oral sex; explicit language; explicit sex; anal sex.

Reviewed by Flora Bell
Posted February 25, 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


Original release - Ellora's Cave (Feb. 2002), ISBN: 1843601613


by Louisa Trent

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
February 15, 2003
ISBN #1931761645
e-Book (reprint)
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