"Sometimes good thigs come out of small packages--and sometimes not."

In the 18th century, the djinni Kane was imprisoned for his own protection...

The miscarriage of their baby three years ago is still causing heartache between Jury and Therese Hunter. After their most recent disagreement, Jury presents Terre with a gift--an ancient medal. An unlisted ewer turns up at the museum she works at with the same inscriptions on it as is on this medal. When the ewer shockingly comes open, smoke escapes from it. A fire results and Therese is rescued by her assistant. Jury, who was also there, is not so fortunate. Therese outwardly recovers quickly, but suffers internal injuries that, though not life threatening, are devastating.

Some months later, Therese is battling the depression brought on by her losses, when she discovers the museum ewer in her attic, the same one she's sure started the fire that took Jury from her. From it comes something unbelievable--a djinni named Kane. Kane finds the magic of this time marvelous. Having lost 200 years, he has some catching up to do. Then he plans to work on gaining his freedom--and getting his revenge. Unfortunately, his desire for Terre keeps distracting him! He had learned the hard way that "he could not trust a woman he desired, and he would not desire a woman he trusted." As for Therese, she finds herself fighting her attraction to Kane. After all, it's most likely he had something to do with Jury's death.

DESERT DREAMS is a wonderful magical story. There is a bit of sadness, but also a fair amount of humor. Therese's family is enlivening addition to the tale. The way Terre called Kane her "genie-man" was enjoyable. I took pleasure from the way Kane and Therese's relationship develops. Although a genie story, DESERT DREAMS takes a bit of a different path. I admit I would have liked a bit more action in the magic department, but this did not detract from my enjoyment of the story.

Reviewed by Flora Bell
Posted August 12, 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


"Old World Evil vs New Age Passion" ...

A centuries old djinni betrayed ... A modern career woman and wife bereft ... Can this thoroughly mismatched couple find comfort and vindication in each other's arms? More importantly, can their love survive the ancient vendetta of one unforgiving and powerful demon djinni? Find out that anything is possible when a devout mystical being from the old world joins forces with an urban-reared spitfire from the new. Kane is a decided study in contrasts in any place and time, but being set free in a world where a woman's place is not necessarily in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, throws this thoroughly quaint and devout Muslim for a loop. Longing motherhood and pursuing a burgeoning curatorship at a niche art museum in Brooklyn after suffering a miscarriage three years previously, Therese Hunter is an ambitious thirty-something wife at an emotional crossroad. Not usually one to wallow in self-pity, the loss of their child left a huge rift between Therese and her husband, Jury, that has yet to be repaired. Enter a special anniversary and a gift that proves to be, not only the vehicle that releases Kane from his captivity and the key to opening a brand new destiny for Therese, but ultimately the instrument that will end Jury's life.

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Desert Dreams
by Gracie C. McKeever

Novel Books, Inc.
November 1, 2002
ISBN #1931696896
EAN #9781931696890
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