"Be careful what you volunteer for!"

Having turned 29, Sharon Glaston is confident that she will not be called upon to fulfill a pact she made when she was 18. After all, the claiming age is over at 30. So she was shocked and appalled when two pactmaker reps showed up at her home and took her off to meet the Shimerian male she is to spend some time with. She was young and idealistic when she registered to be available to be a pactmate to a Shimerian male. Now that reality is here in the form of extremely attractive Liken da'Kamon, she is not sure she can go through with it. She really has little choice, though, as backing out of the pact bears very uncomfortable consequences. No female is forced to become pactmate to a Shimerian male, but they must give the man a chance to convince them to do so. The choices are Seduction, Challenge, and Capture. Sharon chooses Seduction, which means she will visit with Liken on his world for three weeks. Three weeks in which he can use any type of seduction up to a point to convince her to stay with him. He's allowed beyond those points only with her permission.

So begins the seduction of Sharon. Though Liken sees Sharon as his happiness, she only sees him as her heartache. She knows that she cannot be intimate with him day after day without falling in love with him. To a Shimerian, love is not an important issue. But there is more to "making love" when a Shimerian does it with their pactmate than they reveal to the Earthlings. Will Sharon be able to accept this "merging"? If she does, will she really have a choice to return to Earth if she wants? Then she discovers that the "merging" isn't the only secret Liken has been keeping...

This is a truly erotic futuristic, while also being para- normal science fiction. I found it refreshing that the author didn't feel the need to make up words for the things common to both worlds. I appreciated the fact that you are given a true reason for the women having to give up their life on earth for the men, not just a 'this is the way it must be because I say so' sort of thing. The hero is very alpha, yet he does seem to try to be understanding. This is an erotic romance, so that means lots of sex. It did irritate me that the only way the hero seemed to be able to convince the heroine of anything was through sex. I truly would have liked just for once to see a heroine strong enough to stand against a hero's sexual overtures. Still, the heroine is strong and easy to like and sympathize with. I felt the misunderstanding toward the end of the book to be understandable, but didn't feel the hero had the right to respond to it the way he did. I know that Liken was supposedly helping Sharon overcome some problems, but I really got the impression that he was not willing to accept her as she was, and so she changed. One warning --once hooked on the Shimerians, which you will be after reading this story, you will be eager to read more of them.

Sensuality--NC17. Plenty of sex; masturbation, oral sex, descriptive sex, spanking.

Reviewed by Flora Bell
Posted March 12, 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


Sharon took an oath at the idealistic age of eighteen to mate with an unknown alien from another planet, never expecting the alien to actually show up and invoke it eleven years later. A librarian with a love for the orderly and ordinary, she prefers a calm, quiet existence. Surprises are life's way of indicating you did not plan well enough. Adventures are for people with more guts than sense. And sex, well, it's okay, but nothing to get too worked up over...

Liken is a warrior cop from Shimeria. He is six feet seven inches of walking, talking sex personified. Having been inside Sharon's head he knows her deepest fantasies, and knows that she is the perfect mate for him. But first he has to seduce her...


Oath of Seduction: Seducing Sharon
by Marly Chance

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2002
ISBN #1843601540
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