"A magical tale combining King Arthur, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty"

Ten years ago, lawyer Nora Barr is not having a good day. In fact she's not really having a good life. Her mother encouraged her to follow her dream, but she's not sure she meant her to open her own law practice in a city that has more that enough lawyers. Then she meets Aethelstan Blackstone and Sancho Panza. Considering they appeared before her out of thin air, she doesn't really think things are looking up! Even after she lets them know she can't help them out, she doesn't forget them. Then Sancho calls for help. She comes running and finds a neighborhood in flames and Aethelstan under arrest for murder. When she takes responsibility for the storage and protection of a VW microbus (and mysterious contents), things actually do start looking up!

Now Nora's wishes have pretty much come true. Her law practice is flourishing; she has enough money to live comfortably, and she's married (and divorced) the man of her dreams. Ah, but there's still that microbus. Today she is drawn to the storage facility where she is keeping it for Sancho. When she opens rear doors of the microbus, that's when the magic begins...

This is a magical tale that combines King Arthur, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The heroine is Nora, but Emma also plays a big part. After all, you'd have some adjusting to do after sleeping for 1000 years, wouldn't you? There really isn't a lot of romance and the sex is rated G, but this book is a lot of fun to read. The secondary characters are great and I think the hero is to die for!! So if your looking for a story that truly has magic in it, this is the one. I just finished reading Utterly Charming - a book I bought and couldn't put down! I read it in one night. It's about a modern day woman who's a lawyer and her client turns out to be THE prince charming! He's in a bit of a fix and needs her help. This story has tons of magic, a magician with a snake for a familiar and of course the requesite wicked witch! Oh yeah - sleeping beauty too! It was fantastic and she has a sequel coming out called Thoroughly Kissed that I can't wait to get! The characters were so dynamic and as a reader, I could feel the heroine's attraction for the hero, and MAN, I love a feisty heroine!! If any of you like stories with magic, humor and fairytales, you'll really enjoy this book!

Flora Bell / February, 2000
Copyright 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


A Day In The Life of Nora Barr, Esq.

Dear Diary, I can't believe the day I've had. Just when I finally get a client, he turns out to be a nut case! Not only has he been arrested for torching a neighborhood, but he also claims to be the magician who knocked out the Sleeping Beauty a thousand years ago! Is this guy for real or what? Okay, I have to admit, he is the most gorgeous man I've ever laid eyes on. Oh! And did I mention he has a smile to die for? Pinch me if I'm dreaming, but I think my Prince Charming has finally arrived!


Utterly Charming
(Fates #1)
by Kristine Grayson

Zebra Books
February 1, 2000
Available: March 31, 2008
ISBN #0821764721
EAN #9780821764725
319 pages
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