"A story to please vampire romance enthusiasts and those who like mystery"

Cherise Novack has just inherited a fortune from her Uncle Albert - a man she never even knew existed. She can have anything she wants now, whenever she wants it. There's only one catch: she must agree to uphold the pact made between her family and a man called Jovan Delonte. Then she finds out that Jovan is still around, and more, he's a vampire. Their attraction to each other is fierce and it grows as Cherise learns more about the mysterious man who has given her so much. Then her money-hungry mother steps in and complicates things....

FULL MOON INHERITANCE is one of the best vampire romances I've read in a long time. Not only were the characters great, but the story itself was excellent. While it isn't a particularly dark story, it is sensual and emotionally gripping and the intertwining plot threads mean that the action never stops. This is a good thing because you don't really want it to! Jovan is a delectable hero - very strong and mysterious.

FULL MOON INHERITANCE also delves into reincarnation for fans of that handy little plot device. The world that Elliott depicts is deep and rich, and somehow very believable. The book succeeds as both an intricate vampire romance and on a more contemporary level as well. Best of all, even though the vampirism isn't something that is dwelt on at any real depth, there is still that indefinable essence of vampire that saturates the whole book - meaning that it will please both vampire romance enthusiasts and those who like the mystery but can't stomach the unavoidable bloody references. Fans will no doubt read this and clamor for a sequel - I hope you're ready Ms. Elliott!

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
Posted January 1, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


First in the Delonte series

Trapped in the darkness of eternity, Jovan Delonte witnessed the world change, and the people he loved die. Along a dark stretch of road, he devised the perfect plan to live a life of luxury and freedom that will effect the future Novazcek generations to come. Jovan didn't expect the plan to lead him to the soul of his lost love three centuries later or to a woman who threatens everything precious to him.

Born and raised in poverty, Cherise Novack easily adapted to the mansion and money she inherited from a deceased relative. Little does she know the mansion holds a secret that could destroy her. When Cherise learns of a centuries old pact and that she is a pawn in a well-planned plot of greed and deception, she learns everything is not as it seems. Will the love of dark and mysterious Jovan save her? Or will it be the end of life as she knows it?


Full Moon Inheritance
by Jacqueline Elliott

Treble Heart Books
May 1, 2003
ISBN #193174257X
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