"What would you do if you found you were a vampire?"

August 1979 -- Roger Darvell has terrible dreams. Dreams of bloody murders that are all too real. Added to this, he also has certain heightened abilities, an uncanny capability to read people's emotions and an abnormal and horrifying hunger for blood -- not just any blood, but fresh human blood. As a psychiatric consultant for the Boston police, he has more than one reason to know there must be an underlying cause for this hunger, but he has yet to find it. Hopefully, by accepting a partnership with a lady psychiatrist in Maryland, Dr. Britt Loren, he may be able to find some answers. His meeting with Sylvia LaMotte at a party raises more questions about his condition, ones she seems to share. She also claims to know the identity of the perpetuator in the series of murders Roger will be working on. Is Sylvia delusional, or is it just possible that she truly is -- a vampire. If she is, where does that leave him?

Exposing what he knows of the murderer in Boston doesn't bring an end to the horror. Sylvia and the murderer both end up following Roger to Maryland. When bodies start turning up in Roger's part of town, his partner Britt is determined to see both herself and Roger involved. So the nightmare escalates, complicated by Roger's own discoveries about himself and an interesting request from Sylvia. Now the murderer is after Roger and anyone he shows a close connection to, including both Sylvia and Britt.

"Dark Changeling" is an other species vampire story. I didn't care much too for either of the main female leads, though they did grow on me. I did become quite enamored of the hero, Roger. I was disappointed in the scarcity of interaction between the Roger and Britt during the majority of the story. This deficiency lead me to wonder why Britt felt that Roger had any reason to confide in her. Then again, Britt appeared to lack common sense in some areas. They did become much closer in the third part of the book, which also moved along faster and was more exciting. The fact that Roger and Britt tended to call each other colleague a lot was irritating. I found the story a bit over long, with more explanation and detail about this particular species than I felt was really necessary. (Plus, this species is not a very likable one.)

It has more violence and death than I find entertaining which made this a bit of a depressing read. Yet, if you like vampires and don't mind horror, you should find this to be a well written and entertaining story. One last note here -- I personally do not consider this a romance.

Sensuality--R This is more for the violence than the sex. There is very little sex where there is actual penetration, but there are some sensual love scenes. Some fairly non- descriptive oral sex.

Reviewed by Flora Bell
Posted February 13, 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 18, 2006


A successful, middle-aged psychiatrist tormented by an unquenchable lust for blood.... A vampire serial killer on the rampage.... At the age of forty, Dr. Roger Darvell discovers that he is no ordinary man. He also discovers that vampires exist, and that a few of them kill as wantonly and cruelly as any monster in a horror film. When a renegade vampire follows Roger from Boston to his new home in Maryland and attacks one of his patients, Roger must come to terms with the newly discovered truth about his heritage. And he must find a way to destroy the killer before his newfound lover becomes the renegade's next victim.

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Dark Changeling
by Margaret L. Carter

Hard Shell Word Factory
June 1, 1999
ISBN #1582001219
EAN #9781582001210
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