"The Goblins are back in the fourth in the delightful series"

Paranormal Romance author Melanie Jackson is a lyrical, poetic writer so strong on imagery. I have long seen this in her writing from the first book I read of hers, and this skill has grown with each book. A good writer makes me "see" their story, not just read it, and few have such power to paint pictures as Jackson. She has done historicals and paranormals, but she has really hit her stride with her Goblin series. They are original, fresh and I cannot wait to see what the Goblins destroy next! There tales are lush with ancient Celtic lore and myths, and STILL LIFE, the fourth in the series, is another winner. I am hoping to see her Goblins one day destroy the Kentucky Derby or play havoc with the Highland Games. Surely, they are going to attack Venice...row, row, row your boats Goblin style!

In the fourth tale, Nyssal Laszlo, suffers from amnesia, yet in her dreams, snippets of the forgotten past are coming to her. In these dreams, she discovers she had the power to project her mind. While researching ancient myths and lore, she discovers an ancient relic. Medieval monks presumed it was the skeleton of an angel, but Nyssal recognizes it for what it really is: the skeleton of one of those pesky smelly goblins. This triggers vivid dreams in Nyssal. She has an important role in the never-ending battle between man and goblin but is unaware of this. With each projection of her mind, she grows more concerned she carries important information locked within her. She repetitively walks in her dreams into a portrait, a still life, rich in color and detail. And each time she returns to the still life, she discovers dark things, learns who she really is whether she wants to or not.

The Unseelie Court, bad faeries, had a long ago pact with the Goblins, and they fear Nyssal's dream projections. Abrial, is a dreamwalker and he is sent by Jack Frost to pursue Nyssal in her dream state. As Abrial follows her in this dream realm, he comes to love her but in his heart he fears their love is doomed. Inside Nyssal is a dark secret making her a target. Even her father would rather see Nyssal dead than reveal what is hidden deep with in her.

Abrial is a strong hero, the dark tormented Alpha male. The executioner for the Seelie Court, Abrial has so long lived without emotions, blocking them in ordered to live with the guilt of those deaths he caused. Nyssal's mind projection is able to break down his barriers, reach him.

Jackson once again takes myths, legends and lore and skillfully weaves them into the struggle to save mankind from the Goblin menace. The pace is fast, the concept imaginative and fresh, showing Jackson is a paranormal writer who blazes her own paths through the Goblin Wood. Yes, there will be a fifth Goblin tale. A shame we have to wait until next year!

Posted August 19, 2004

Reviewed by Deborah Macgillivray
Posted November 18, 2006


The forgotten past is slowly returning to Nyssa Laszlo, and with the power to project her mind, she is thrust deeper into undiscovered territory-including the territory of her own heart.

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Still Life
(Wildside: Book 4)
by Melanie Jackson

Love Spell
August 1, 2004
Available: August 1, 2004
ISBN #0505526085
EAN #9780505526083
327 pages
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