"Be ready to be swept off your feet"

Darius Stewart finds himself banished from his pack and goes to America where he forms a new pack and is offered to lead them. The last thing he needs is a mate, or so he tells himself. Meg O'Reilly, a witch by birth, owns her own bar and agrees with him; for the last thing she wants is a sexy Alpha wolf ordering her around.

Yet they both find themselves bound to the other. Darius can no more fight his instincts to bind her to him than he can the moon rising. And as Darius finds himself binding Meg to him as mate they both find themselves in trouble, as a rouge wolf stalks the night and Meg as well.

Come along on a journey of magic and werewolves as these two mates fight for their love as well as their very lives. Will Meg and Darius find peace together and defeat this evil in the image of Darius' animal kin? Well you won't know until you read this first installment of LUNAR MATES.

UNDER COVER OF THE MOON takes you on a sensuous journey of love and mating. As you read you find yourself on the edge of your seat wondering what Miss Loribelle has in store for her readers next. Coming to the end of this story you find yourself impatiently wondering when the next installment of Lunar Mates comes out so you can continue the journey with the characters. Be ready to be swept off your feet and into the supernatural world of werewolves as well as vampires in this first book in the LUNAR MATES series.

Review Posted: July 5, 2006

Reviewed by Debbie Roush
Posted November 18, 2006


In book one of the Lunar Mates series, Darius Stewart is banished and offered the leadership of a new pack. He has a new pack to settle and a rogue wolf terrorizing the local population, threatening to expose their species. The last thing he needs is a mate further complicating his life.

That's just fine with Meg O'Reilly. A witch, she knows something is not right in her town. Good werewolves, bad werewolves, and the possessive, bossy, sexy Alpha wolf trying to order her around. Life’s never been so complicated.

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Under Cover of the Moon
(Lunar Mates: Book 1)
by Loribelle Hunt

Cobblestone Press
July 1, 2006
ISBN #1600880185
EAN #9781600880186
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