"a love story that transcends time"

Raziela "Razi" Nolan is a women ahead of her time; her forward thinking, ambitious, and out spoken personality is not well accepted in 1920's New Orleans. She lives in a time where women fight for suffrage, and have little rights but those allowed by the men who control them. Unwilling to be stifled by what society has dictated for her and all women, she works toward becoming a doctor, and at the risk of incarceration, she educates women on matters of reproductive health and sexual potential. While in college she has a torrid affair with fellow college student, Andrew O'Connell. They are deeply in love. After graduation she is wrestling with her future plans and her relationship with Andrew when a tragic accident takes Razi's life. She is unable to move on to what is after; Razi now exists between life and the afterlife. She cannot bear to watch what happens to Andrew without her, so she keeps tabs on him through watching those around him. When Razi follows a young couple, Amy and Scott, home after they purchase a bookcase that belonged to Andrew, a series of coincidences sends Razi on a path to discover the truth about what happened to her beloved Andrew O'Connell.

THE MERCY OF THIN AIR is a mesmerizing work by debut author, Ronlyn Domingue. It is a love story that transcends time, told by Razi, through parallel storylines of her life in 1920's New Orleans and the relationship between Amy and Scott in the present. Razi is absolutely incredible and a character you will not soon forget. Her story is at once a character study that illuminates how people and relationships help shape the person we become, and an intriguing mystery that Ms. Domingue expertly reveals layer by layer as it builds to a crescendo that will leave the reader astounded. THE MERCY OF THIN AIR is a thought provoking, at times heart wrenching treasure of a book that deeply moved me as a reader.

Posted June 12, 2006

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 17, 2006


In 1920s New Orleans, smart and fearless Raziela Nolan is in the throes of a magnificent love affair when she suddenly dies in a tragic accident. Immediately after her death, she chooses to stay between -- a realm that exists after life and before whatever lies beyond it. From this remarkable vantage point, Razi narrates the story of her lost love, as well as the relationship of Amy and Scott, a young couple whose home she haunts seventy years later. Their trials finally compel Razi to slowly unravel the mystery of what happened to her first and only love, Andrew, and to confront a long-hidden secret.


The Mercy of Thin Air
by Ronlyn Domingue

Atria Books
September 1, 2006
ISBN #0743278801
EAN #9780743278805
320 pages
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