"Wonderful story filled with ancient Celtic lore!"

Ever since her father died, Sasha Nielson hasn't said a word. The death of her husband was only the beginning of Rainey's problems. She still can't forgive him for leaving her and Sasha alone. Now, most of the insurance money is gone, Sasha is being thrown out of another special school and she's about to lose her job. At least she does have one good friend, her neighbor Emma. When her son got a job in the States, the widowed Emma left Scotland to join him.

One of the specialists Rainey contacted to help Sasha is trying to take her daughter from her to institutionalize the poor child. Rainey refuses to allow this. By some strange chance, Emma happens to catch a video of one of Sasha's birthday parties. Emma can't believe the child is speaking Gaelic! Time for another complication in Rainey's life and it takes the form of one Matthew Macinnes. An exceedingly handsome Scottish professor of languages. He identifies the language on the video as being an ancient form of Scottish Gaelic and wants to try and help Sasha.

Matthew has always believed in fairies and legends, Rainey never has. By some quirk of fate, Matthew believes Sasha is the reincarnation of an ancient Celtic queen and in order for her to have a normal life, she must fulfill her destiny by restoring an ancient crown to it's rightful place. The trail leads to the highlands of Scotland. Meanwhile, Rainey is trying her hardest to deny the attraction she feels for Matthew.

Will Sasha be able to fulfill her destiny and restore the ancient crown? Will Rainey continue to fight her growing attraction to Matthew? Will Sasha ever speak again? And most importantly, will Rainey give up all her preconceived notions and believe?

THE STARRY CHILD by Lynn Hanna is a story filled with courage, belief, ancient Celtic lore and most importantly, love. Lynn Hanna weaves an intricate tale of danger as the intrepid foursome travel to the highlands in Scotland to fulfill Sasha's destiny. They battle everything from prejudice to the state trying to take Sasha from Rainey. The characters are all flawed in one way or another; Rainey not forgiving her husband for leaving her, Matthew losing his parents in a boating accident, Emma being widowed and Sasha not speaking. The settings are all realistically described, right down to the mists of Scotland. I highly recommend this highly original tale!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted May 4, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 17, 2006


Since the tragic death of her father, eight-year-old Sasha Nielson has not spoken a word. Her mother, Rainey, has taken her to doctors and therapists, but medical science has not found the cause or the cure for Sasha's silence. There are days when her behavior is baffling, even potentially dangerous, particularly during lightning storms. The authorities threaten to take her away and time is running out.

One man sees beyond Sasha's actions. Matt Macinnes is a gifted professor of ancient languages, a man who senses that there is a key to Sasha's silence, that she may in fact be guarding a secret of such profound and terrifying dimensions that it staggers the imagination. Could this All- American little girl truly be carrying around the restless soul of an exiled Celtic queen of old?

THE STARRY CHILD is a spellbinding adventure, a tale as timeless as the mystic legends of the ancients, yet as vibrant and alive as those whose fates now hang in the balance. It's the story of a young widow who learns that her own destiny is forever tied to an undying love held in trust in the heart of a little girl.


The Starry Child
by Lynn Hanna

Novel Books, Inc.
August 1, 2003
ISBN #159105236X
EAN #9781591052364
321 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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