"A tortured vampire romance!"

During the battle of Hastings in the year 1066 A.D., Galan Kent received a mortal wound. Just as he begins to accept his death, he's approached by a creature with a horrible stench. The stench of the grave. Miraculously, the creature, Moloch, saves Galan's life and gives him a cup of wine to drink. What Galan isn't aware of is the wine is drugged. When he finally awakens, Galan has been turned into a vampire! Moloch becomes Galan's mentor in the ways of the Undead and Galan comes to despise the creature Moloch has become.

Stephanie "Stevie" Novak is the manager of a bookstore in downtown Miami. Even though she knew it wasn't exactly smart, Stevie stayed late to get some books entered in the computer before leaving. When she's approached by a man with a gun demanding all her valuables, Stevie realizes just how foolish she was. The next thing she knows, a man grabs the gun away from the robber. A very handsome man with black eyes. The man takes Stevie home afterward and they begin to date. Stevie finds it very strange Galan only comes or calls after dark. She begins to notice other odd little things about him as well, like the way he speaks. Some of his words and speech patterns are not commonly used. None of these things stop Stevie from falling in love with Galan.

The more time Galan spends with Stevie, the more he begins to realize she is the reincarnation of the woman he was in love with when Moloch turned him. And while the two of them are falling in love, Moloch is becoming more and more upset. As the leader of the Undead Society, Moloch has forbidden love between vampire and mortal and works behind the scenes to try separate and Galan from his love.

Will Galan tell Stevie what he is? Will Stevie still love him if she finds out he is a vampire? The one thing Galan wants above all others is to become mortal again. Will Galan receive his heart's desire?

ONE MORE TOMORROW is a wonderful vampire romance. S.A. Martin has done a truly outstanding job of showing the tormented life of a vampire through her character of Galan. I also love the abilities she has bestowed on her vampires, they can enter any door without being invited, they can transport themselves anywhere, to any time period in which they lived and they have amazing strength. The characters are realistically portrayed, the story line is enthralling and the love between the two characters gives us all hope of a soul mate. I highly recommend ONE MORE TOMORROW to all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted July 20, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 17, 2006


He was a creature of the night, destined to live only in darkness and never know the love of a mortal woman. She was goodness and light, everything he'd ever wanted. But she could never be his....

Chance brought Galan and Stephanie together. Evil would keep them apart. And only by defeating the demon, Moloch, can they find happiness together....


One More Tomorrow
by S. A. Martin

New Concepts Publishing
March 1, 2003
Available: November 17, 2006
ISBN #1586081381
EAN #9781586081386
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