"a fantastic science fiction book"

As Gillie wakes up in a strange sickbay, Simon informs her that she has woken up 342 years in the future. The last thing that Gillie remembers is the explosion of the Fav'lhir ship. She decides that she needs to do some checking around to see if she can figure out what's going on. She sends out her essence and finds that the people on this space station worship her. They have made her into a Goddess. They refer to her as the Lady Kiasidira. Simon tells her that a med tech is attempting to wake her up. She goes back into her body.

Admiral Rynan Makarian, or Mack as everyone calls him, has been given command of this space station, Cirrus One. He has a reputation for getting things done. He is supposed to turn this civilian space station into a military one. Nothing is going right lately. He still doesn't have his Admiral rank and none of his crew have their Cirrus One uniforms. They still wear their uniforms from the Vedritor.

The first thing that pops into Mack's head when he first sees Gillie in sick bay is that she is beautiful. He starts having thoughts that are totally uncharacteristic of him. Gillie introduces herself as Captain Gillaine Davre'. She tells Mack that she is a rim trader. Mack suspects that she is a smuggler. When they get to her ship, Gillie is glad that Simon has managed to phase it into a short hauler. She sure can't let anyone see it as it really looks. She makes up a story on the repairs. She knows that it will take Simon at least two weeks to fix himself. She will need to stay here at least that long. She knows that she needs to get away from here before she is recognized.

Gillie and Mack begin spending more time together. They are definitely falling in love. Meanwhile, Mack is trying to get Cirrus One ready for inspection. Gillie is trying to get her ship fixed. She is also finding it harder and harder to keep anyone from finding out who she really is, especially Mack. She knows that Mack reveres the Lady Kiasidira and she is terrified that she will lose Mack's love if he finds out the truth. Kiasidira is actually a title and not part of her name. Gillie is an extremely powerful sorceress, or Kiasidira. 342 years ago, she was an advisor to the Khalarans. She is also beginning to realize that she was sent forward in time for a reason and must figure out what that reason is.

Mack is a very strong character. He is one of the youngest Khalarans to achieve the rank of admiral and he definitely did not do it by kissing butt. He doesn't play games and can't stand people that do. He has surrounded himself with some of the crew of the Vedritor, his last command. He has command of the Fifth Fleet as well as Cirrus One. He is working on a deadline to get Cirrus One ready. He is used to giving orders and having them obeyed instantly. Gillie, on the other hand, doesn't take orders very well. She is constantly going behind Mack's back and checking into things. As a Raheiran, Gillie must follow very strict guidelines about interfering in a society's culture. She knows that if people find out who she is that will definitely upset their culture. Gillie has always believed in this and has done her best to live up to it. She only uses her powers when she has no other choice. Gillie's raptor-class crystalship is sentient. Simon is that sentience. He can get into all kinds of data, which is extremely helpful to Gillie. He also likes to tease her.

This is a fantastic science fiction book. I was caught up in the story from the very first page. The story has full of adventure and good versus evil. I really enjoyed the parrots, the bane of Mack's existence, and how they ended up helping. This story really came alive for me. I really enjoyed the way that Gillie hated the fact that she was made into a Goddess. As is the norm with all of Linnea Sinclair's books, this heroine is definitely feisty as well. This is definitely a book that I recommend reading.

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted June 6, 2003

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 17, 2006


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A deep space explosion in Riftspace sends Captain Gillaine Davre three hundred and fifty years into the future, where her likeness graces every shrine, and her accident has been recorded in history as a 'divine sacrifice'. Anonymity, and lies, seem her only options. Then a long-time enemy attacks, again. Can Gillie stop the invasion without revealing her identity, and losing the man she loves?


An Accidental Goddess
by Megan Sybil Baker

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553165780
EAN #9781553165781
238 pages
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