"Wonderful story of the redeeming qualities of love!"

Even though he hasn't felt a part of society since his father's suicide, Lord Armond Wulfglen still craves to be around the "teeming masses," which is exactly why he finds himself at the dowager's ball this evening. The dowager was a dear friend of Armond's mother, and still takes Armond and his two younger brothers under her wing, even though she knows of the curse on his family. While the rest of the nobility at the event openly shun Armond, the dowager approaches him and speaks with him. Just as he's had enough and is ready to leave, a beautiful vision approaches him and makes him an offer he can't refuse...

Lady Rosalind Rutherford was tricked into leaving her country home to visit her stepmother. When she was but a child, the woman's son was thrown out of her father's home, and hoping she could reform the boy, Rosalind's stepmother went with him. Now when his stepbrother came to inform Rosalind of the woman's illness, she has no choice but to accompany him. Once in London, Rosalind realizes her mistake and finds herself under Franklin's cruel thumb. In order to pay his gambling debts, Franklin is hoping to "sell" Rosalind in the Marriage Mart and has forced her into coming to this ball. Desperate to escape him, Rosalind will do just about anything. Hoping to ruin her reputation, and thereby, her chances of a good marriage, Rosalind picks one of the "Wild Wulfs of London" as the center of her plan. The fact Lord Wulf is very pleasing to the eye will help matters.

When a murdered woman shows up in Armond's stable, the constable immediately arrest him. When Rosalind learns of this, she immediately confesses that Armond spent the night with her and couldn't possibly have murdered the poor woman, in spite of Armond's admonishments. When Armond realizes Rosalind won't be dissuaded from her foolish actions, he offers her marriage. However, it will be a marriage of convenience. Armond will give Rosalind anything she desires—anything but his heart.

Will Franklin leave Rosalind alone now that she is married? What of Rosalind's stepmother? Can Rosalind bear not to see the poor woman anymore? What of this curse on the Wulf family? Will Rosalind ever learn what it is and will she ever win her husband's heart?

THE DARK ONE is an amazing story, filled with danger and murders and curses. Ronda Thompson has woven a wonderful tale. I was pulled into the story from the very first page and if not for my husband demanding I go to bed, I would have finished it in one sitting. This story combines two of my favorite genres—Regency and shapeshifter. We have a dark, brooding male; handsome, rich and shunned by society, a Regency era personification of the "bad boy". Our heroine is young, strong, beautiful, worried about her stepmother and under the very cruel control of her stepbrother. We also have the stepbrother, Franklin, evil personified, right down to abusing women, using Rosalind for his own ends, after having gone through her father's money. After their father committed suicide and their mother died of a broken heart, Armond and his brothers made a vow never to marry, as the curse is handed down through their seed. Now Armond has broken this vow. Amidst all the danger and murders and the lack of friends, this is truly a story of love, one that will remain with me a long, long time. THE DARK ONE has definitely earned its place on my "keeper shelf".

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 17, 2006


A curse born in darkness must be broken in moonlight...



Rosalind Rutherford knows full well the scandal she courts when she attempts to seduce the notorious Armond Wulf—in fact, she's counting on it as a means to escape her sadistic stepbrother's control. Unfortunately, Lord Wulf's better instincts prevail...although not before he gives Rosalind a tantalizing taste of what she's missing. And when the opportunity arises to rescue Armond from a grim fate while changing her own, Rosalind knows she must seize it...


Armond can no more ignore the Rutherford woman than his ancestor could resist the temptress who cursed the Wulf men with a terrifying transformation that occurs at the appearance of the full moon—and is set in motion by love. Now, to save her reputation and his freedom, Armond must marry Rosalind. But he vows that while they may share the pleasures of the marriage bed, she will never have his heart...


Yet as strange and mysterious events bring them closer in body and soul, Armond finds it increasingly difficult to keep his feelings for his new wife locked away. Especially when the reality of unquenchable desire—and certain danger— burn stronger than ever by the light of a full moon...


The Dark One
(Wild Wulfs of London: Book 1)
by Ronda Thompson

St. Martin's Press
November 1, 2005
Available: November 1, 2005
ISBN #0312935730
EAN #9780312935733
352 pages
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