"a dark tale of suspense"

After inheriting a sprawling Virginia plantation home from her aunt, Sydney Yearling feels more at home than she has in some time. Unfortunately, she has begun having disturbingly erotic dreams and an unsettling feeling that she is being watched, though she is alone. Being an ER nurse can be very stressful but when these strange and vivid imaginings occur at work as well, Sydney begins to wonder just how lonely and frazzled she really is.

Jeffrey Dillon finally has the opportunity to leave his dead-end job at a paranormal tabloid newspaper and pursue his dream in research, thanks to a sizeable grant. When a car accident sidelines his plans, he is taken with and taken in by beautiful, kind and sexy nurse Sydney. While recuperating at her home, he begins to have visions of past events and visits from the very hostile spirit of Captain Yearling, Sydney's ancestor. Sydney and Jeffrey soon realize that this is more than an innocent haunting and that her family home has a dark past that is literally coming back to haunt them. Will Sydney and Jeffrey be able to unravel the dark secrets of the past and fight the evil that threatens their future?

GHOSTLY POSSESSION is the first book from husband and wife writing team, Teresa Wayne. The authors have woven a dark tale of suspense with a villain so evil it is a bit disquieting. The hero and heroine have an instant attraction and an easy rapport that will capture readers, and the story's action is tautly written. This is truly a dark story with disturbing scenes that may not be suitable for sensitive readers. But if you are not the squeamish type and enjoy a story with some bite, Ghostly Possession will not disappoint.

Posted May 27, 2006

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 16, 2006


Ghostly Possessions takes you away into the world of ghosts, danger, mayhem and sexual tension so thick that you could cut it with a knife! The more the sexual tension and attraction grows between Sydney and Jeffrey, the more danger surrounds them.

Emergency Room Supervising Nurse Sydney Yearling's ghost of her brutal ancestor (who was involved in the prisoner and slave trade during the 17th century) fights Jeffrey to claim Sydney as his own. Tabloid-journalist-turned paranormal researcher Jeffrey Dillon will do what ever he can to protect his woman!

As Sydney's and Jeffrey's love for one another continues to grow, their attraction becomes a dangerous game for them both, with a jealous, vengeful entity determined to have it all, no matter what the consequences.

Can love keep them together or will the ghastly ghost win the woman?

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Ghostly Possession
by Teresa Wayne

Mardi Gras Publishing
September 1, 2006
ISBN #0978902459
EAN #9780978902452
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