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This is author Brenden James' last chance. His first book was a smashing success and topped all the bestseller lists, his second book was a total flop. If he doesn't write another bestseller, his days as an author are over, and he knows it. His publisher sent him to the British Isles to write a travel guide. The only things he's seen so far are sheep and senile residents. Then he gets to the Isle of Man and winds up in the village of Heather Bay. The weather sucks and he wants to leave, however, the only ferry leaving the Isle has just sunk and he's stuck. So he goes to the local hotel to get a room, only to find there are no vacancies available. Not quite telling the truth, he tells the hotel owner he's with a famous travel magazine. Hoping he'll put their village on the map, she rents him her houseboat. Naturally, the thing is just about ready to fall apart. It turns out the village is having their annual Mermaid festival.

So far, nothing is going right on this trip and Brenden hasn't even started working on his manuscript yet. When the hotel owner gave him the keys to the houseboat, she also gave him tickets to see the "live Mermaid show". Having nothing better to do, Brenden decides to go. The woman in the tank is the most beautiful woman Brenden has ever seen, with long flowing red hair and he ends up in her dressing room after the show. When he becomes a bit on the obnoxious side, Christine hits him with a dose of pheromones and the poor man is instantly in lust with her.

Things go from bad to worse, from hitting the golf ball right up the sheep's "anal orifice", to being pulled in the cold water of the Irish Sea by a supposed "Merman". Well, at least Brenden has something to write about now. He sends the first few chapters off his editor, who loves it! Brenden now has another bestseller in the making. However, he's also getting to know the people of the village and still wants to spend more time with Christine.

Will Brenden actually submit his manuscript, knowing he will hurt the village if he does? What of the all talk about Mermaids? Are they real? Do they really exist? Or is the whole village mad?

MISADVENTURES AND MERFOLK is one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. I have to admit, when I started reading it, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to finish it. But Kelly Reno has done a wonderful job of combining myth and humor in this story. The village of Heather Bay comes to life in the pages, right down to the eccentricities of the locals. Every time poor Brenden tried to visit Christine, he always ended up trashing the place by knocking everything over. His first night in the houseboat, his neighbor tried to attack him with a knife. And I can't think of a single woman that wouldn't want a visit by Charlie the Tuna. We even have the appearance of an English television personality. This book is definitely in the "must read" category.

Posted October 9, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 16, 2006


When Brendan James arrived in the British Isles to write an honest and vivid profile of the craggy landscape and mysterious network of micro-islands, he found little more than sheep and senile inhabitants, too toothless to chat up. But after a serendipitous ferry sinking, James found himself stranded in a remote and peculiar village on Isle of Man called Heather Bay where the locals were celebrating their annual mermaid festival. At first glance, the festivities seemed innocent enough, but as James dug deeper, the best-selling travel writer found himself ill-equipped to deal with the lunacy of the locals who would stop at nothing to persuade him to write kind and endearing things about their home. After being enchanted by a local mermaid impersonator and nearly killed after interrupting the bizarre mating ritual of a merman, James vowed to expose the slimy underbelly of the seemingly innocent festivities in the alien world he's discovered. A place where it's considered fashionable to wear house cats as hats, where mysterious and seductive creatures lurk within the briny depths, and where the local church solicits for an accepts organ donations from tourists. In summary, Misadventures & Merfolk is the tale of seaside village gone mad.


Misadventures & Merfolk
by Kelly Reno

Reeds Press
November 1, 2004
ISBN #1891437011
EAN #9781891437014
350 pages
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