"Fantastic ending to a wonderful series!"

When the story opens, we find ourselves back with Banzai "Bree" Maguire and Tyler "Ty" Armstrong. They are now seeking asylum with the infamous pirate, Ahmed, in Raft City. After finally escaping the clutches of the Acting Emperor of Asia, Bree and Ty were headed to the UCE. This was the United States Bree grew up in at one time, but now is ruled by a dictator. The two of them finally thought they had found safety in a hotel in New Seoul, just to be the victims of an assassin, sent by the UCE! This is why they decided to try the pirates, hoping to find at least a temporary sanctuary. When they finally meet Ahmed, Bree has an uneasy feeling about the whole thing. Something is wrong, she can sense it. Well, later that night, they discover she was right... Ty gets shot and taken away. Bree is now captured and after seeing her love fall, her determination to fight the UCE knows no bounds.

Meanwhile, Bree's wing man, Cameron "Scarlet" Tucker is alive and living in Mongolia. Of course, she could live without the constant pain she's been in ever since she woke up in the year 2176. The woman helping her, Zurihe, has told her the rest of the world was destroyed by a nuclear war and there is no more technology. So they live on this farm without technology. One day while on her way to milk the goats, Cameron spots a plane and begins waving! There is technology, there are still planes! Why on earth did Zurihe lie to her about technology?

When Prince Kyber, acting Emperor of Asia, finds out Scarlet was spotted, he decides to go into Mongolia himself and bring her back to the palace. Of course, after his experience with Bree, he has no intentions of becoming involved with her. He does manage to eventually capture Scarlet and they head back to his palace. There's an instant attraction between Scarlet and Kyber, but Kyber does his best to fight it.

Now that Bree is in the clutches of the UCE, will she be publicly executed? What of Ty? Where did he disappear to? Will Kyber eventually give in to his attraction to Scarlet? Will Scarlet ever be able to find Bree?

THE SCARLET EMPRESS is a fantastic story! Susan Grant has done a wonderful job of bringing the 2176 series to conclusion with this story. The bravery and courage of these women is unbelievable! The men who stand beside them are as strong as their women, truly complimenting them. The action is non-stop, the plots are compelling, and the characters are all bigger than life. This story delivers new events and ties up all the loose ends in a wonderful fashion. You will never guess who the Voice of Freedom is, this had me guessing right up until it was revealed and in such a way as to shock everyone. I cannot recommend this story highly enough! It receives my highest accolade, I cried at the end, something I rarely do anymore.

Posted November 14, 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 16, 2006


The Kingdom of Asia:

Shot down over Korea, modern-day USAF fighter pilot Cameron "Scarlet" Tucker is put in bio-stasis. She wakes 170 years later. Her wingmate and best friend also survived: Now the "legendary" Banzai Maguire, Bree is being held for treason in the country that was once her beloved United States.

Cam has problems of her own. She’s in the masterful hands of Prince Kyber, the dictator whom her friend thwarted. He won’t get fooled again. With the mysterious Shadow Voice urging revolution, and her friend in chains, Cam wants the sexy emperor on her side--and maybe a whole lot more. But her role in the thrilling mission to save her country has to come first. Banzai wouldn't surrender, and Cam won't either. It's time to give a royal butt kicking, and Cam knows just where to start.

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The Scarlet Empress
(2176 Action-adventure: Book 5)
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
December 1, 2004
Available: December 7, 2004
ISBN #0505525976
EAN #9780505525970
384 pages
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