"a dark and intense tale of love, lust and bloodshed"

Dao Kan Shu, a Wong family enforcer has earned the name "Poisoned Dragon." With Toshiro Itou, his protégé and right hand man, they are a feared twosome of 1872 San Francisco's Chinatown.

He is the best they have but Shu's savage behavior is a liability to the Wong family image and they fear that it may attract the attention of authorities. The Chinese syndicate has made many attempts at assassination, all unsuccessful. Now Ren Yang would use Toshiro's intimate knowledge of his mentor to get to Shu. The shocking betrayal leads to a turn of events that insure that Shu's brutal legacy will continue.

Shu's reputation follows him into present day Chinatown where he runs a successful Goth nightclub. He is lonely, bitter and ruthless still, until he meets Kenichi OHara, an art student. He stirs something in Shu long forgotten. And Kenichi feels the inexplicable attraction as well. The familiarity is both comforting and disturbing. But there is danger for anyone close, as the knowledge of the past threatens the sanity of those unfortunate enough to understand the connection. When Ken's professors, Leigh Gachelsing and Magda Silivasi realize the danger it may be too late to stop the descent. Is Ken the connection to Shu's past and the key to fulfilling his legacy? And can Leigh and Meg save Ken from his dark destiny?

THE DRAGON'S DISCIPLE is a dark and intense tale of love, lust and bloodshed. The authors have penned a sweeping saga that will capture the reader with its vivid imagery and fascinating characters. Dao Kan Shu is an effective anti-hero with a personality both brutal and vulnerable, and will leave readers to wonder what inspired his vicious nature. The supporting characters are well written and interesting enough to have their own stories. The reading is enhanced by some wonderful illustrations by co-author, Anne Cain. The story is in the Yaoi genre that is m/m relationship focused. If you like your fantasy dark and sensual, THE DRAGON'S DISCIPLE is sure to please.

Note: The story is very intense and contains graphic violence, so may not be for all readers.

Review date: May 5, 2006

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 15, 2006


Forbidden love and repressed desires of the past and present linger in the atmosphere of San Francisco's Chinatown. Dao Kan Shu, a Chiang-Shih, a vampire, hunts under the cover of darkness, his lust for blood and the craving of a once mortal heart awakened by an art student, Ken Ohara. Drawn to a hot new nightspot Ken discovers that his own hidden past is bound to that of the club's owner known throughout the Chinese underworld as The Poisoned Dragon. Fascinated by Shu's dark world Ken is soon caught in a dangerous web of triad societies, blood lust and a strange relationship he can barely begin to understand.

Fine Arts professor Leigh Gachelsing, tormented since childhood with visions and spirits, discovers a link from the mysterious club owner to Chinatown's violent past where two assassins feared as demons once hunted the streets. He joins Ken's advisor Magda Silivasi who is determined to save her student before he is lost to the echoes of a past life and the deadly embrace of a vampire.

(contains both m/f and m/m pairings)

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The Dragon's Disciple
(Dragon's Disciple Trilogy: Book 2)
by Barbara Sheridan, Anne Cain

Liquid Silver Books
September 1, 2007
Available: September 24, 2007
ISBN #1595783628
EAN #9781595783622
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