"A fast-paced erotic vampire short - sexy and fun"

Stefan aka Vlad; computer geek extraordinaire was addicted to the game of Nihilism online. He played it from dusk to dawn. As he put it, "What else was a vampire to do in this day and age?" Surrounded by the latest and newest in techno stuff, he played the game all night long without being able to get past level nine. Another player "Warrior Woman" was always a step ahead of him, although she hadn't made it past level nine either.

After she was killed yet again he invited her to go to "another room for a drink." He was hoping to "pump" her for any info she might have gleaned to help him to get past level nine. Chatting, they were in social mode on their computers. She knew that the longer they talked the more the intimacy level would rise. Watching their onscreen characters starting to lean toward each other gently begin to, Stefan asked the Warrior Woman if she would go with him to a room. She agreed.

They were getting turned on watching the cyber couple start petting each other! At the climax of the scene Warrior Woman grew fangs and bit Vlad on the neck! He was shocked! Warrior Woman was a vampire!

Feeling groggy and hung-over from the experience of being turned on by the virtual scene he'd just experienced, Stefan answered the ringing doorbell. Caroline Frost from the Historical Society was there on a routine inspection to make sure Stefan hadn't changed things in the house beyond what was acceptable to the society. As soon as she stepped into the house he felt his incisors lengthening with corresponding lust in other parts of his body!

This is a very unusual vampire story light and humorous. Stefan is a fun and irreverent vampire. He blows all the typical "myths" about vampires out of the water. He doesn't go about sucking blood out of people. He has a supplier that he orders plasma by the case load. He can tolerate sun as well! Caroline also being stricken by lust is a passionate woman as is shown by the thoughts she has about Stefan! The thoughts they have while carrying on a normal conversation are sexy and fun.

The world building this author has done is a refreshing change from the typical vampire story. It's nice to have a hero that doesn't take himself too seriously or is angst driven. The heroine is fun, sure of herself and what she wants.

I would highly recommend this quickie from Ellora's Cave Inc. It is a fast paced and sexy story. Ms. Sahara Kelly has penned another winner with this one!

Posted November 23, 2004

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted November 15, 2006


Not all vampires are dark, intense creatures of the night. In fact, the myth of the tortured soul certainly doesn't apply to Stefan Delouise, who lives a very nice life, thank you, as an entrepreneur and businessman. An enviable existence except for one little thing…he's totally unable to conquer the last challenge - Level Nine of that powerful online game he's addicted to.

Perhaps he needs some help from an unexpected source…

Genre: Vampire / Quickie
Book Length: Quickie

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Beating Level Nine
by Sahara Kelly

Ellora's Cave
November 1, 2004
Available: November 23, 2004
ISBN #1843609401
EAN #9781843609407
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