"Science fiction that is light on romance but heavy on action and adventure"

What does a person do when she comes face to face with a nightmare in living color in the daytime? Well Zara is about to find out! She's had this recurring nightmare since the Observers came to Earth. Some times it's so bad that she's found herself outside lying on her front lawn hyperventilating. Every time she reads about or sees on the television something about the Observers, she freaks!

Sheriff Brigham came into her diner with a prisoner in tow. It didn't take long for everyone to notice who or what the prisoner was! Well Zara was determined that she wasn't going to put on a show for the Sheriff and the rest of the diners. She would be calm and act like nothing had happened. And then the Observer clasped her wrist and tried to warn her. He told her to go out back and leave, her life was in danger! Then things started happening! The deputy pulled his gun; Zara ran to the back to phone for help, the front window exploded and the observer ran and knocked Zara to the ground.

Her livelihood that she had been working for 6 years had gone! The front wall had just vanished. She was moving to go out front to help the other people out front. The Observer grabbed Zara and started pulling her out towards the back. He tried to explain to Zara that someone had been hired by an alien to kill her by whatever means necessary. Not believing him and hearing the sheriff out the front she twisted free and ran out. After four hours of questioning at the police station she was driven home. After declining the deputy's offer to escort her into the house Zara walked in and found her house trashed. Turning to call for the deputy she felt a hand cover her mouth. He knew her name. There really was someone out to kill her!

This book was extremely enjoyable. The action started right at the beginning and continued right through to the end. The heroine even though she was terrified most of the time maintained a feisty attitude and a quick wit that was humorous. You were kept guessing right to the conclusion of the book what the final result would be. The hero had some interesting "powers" like being able to heal himself while resting. He could so read minds and influence other minds as well.

The romance was very light in this story but I'm assuming that a sequel is planned! At least I hope so!! I really want to know what happens to Zara and Caelan. It was left up in the air I thought.

The world that this author built was very interesting. It was based and took place on Earth. The author let the aliens try and fit in as opposed to plucking someone from Earth and having them try and deal with a strange culture, customs and people which was a different twist. The secondary characters were very strongly portrayed. They definitely wouldn't be hiding in the background. I look forward to seeing more of these characters if a sequel is planned. If you like sci-fi you'll love this book. For those not into science fiction this book is still a great book to read!! I highly recommend it.

Reviewed October 31, 2004

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted November 15, 2006


Aliens Among Us
Zara Mitchell's nightmares began when the Observers landed. Strangely vivid visions that still haunt her nightly and leave her terrified of the silver-eyed visitors and their true intentions. When one of the eerily beautiful beings shows up at her diner with the local sheriff, her world changes forever. The Observer insists that she come with him. He claims her life is in danger. But can he be trusted?

A Prophecy Fulfilled
After two years, Caelan's search is finally over. He's found her, the human female from the prophecy. She is the one thing he recognizes from his life before Earth. His only link to the truth. Now all he has to do is keep her alive long enough to find the clues to a past he can't remember and a future she fears.

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The Silver Spoon
(Zara Mitchell: Book 1)
by Stacey Klemstein

Echelon Press
June 1, 2007
Available: June 5, 2007
ISBN #1590805488
EAN #9781590805480
256 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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