"worthy additions to the vampire lore"

Okay, gals and guys, we're talking immortal bad boys here. Hunky undead. Vampires. What more can a reader ask for? These three authors each have a different take on the genre. All three are worthy additions to the vampire field.

Rebecca York's entry, Night Ecstasy, has artist Tyler Lawson seeking new life experiences through the decadent night life of New Orleans' French Quarter in order to spark new levels of creativity in her painting. Her guide for this tour that Grayline would never be caught dead providing is Jules DeMario, a three-hundred- year-old vampire. The trip through the erotic excesses of some off-the-main-drag clubs jump starts Tyler's repressed libido, and Jules is just the alpha-vampire to introduce her to her baser nature. While Tyler's art reflects the lessons she's learned from Jules, she wants more from Jules. But can he comply? This reader loved the reference to - - no, I can't reveal her plot device, you'll just have to read it for yourself.

Velvet Night by Rosemary Laurey has police officer Vickie Anderson on vacation in the mountains of Virginia. She needs a break from her job, but finds trouble riding into her life in the form of a biker in black leather. Against her cynical cop nature, she invites Pete Falcon onto her porch, and then into her house, little realizing that she's given a new-blooded vampire more than the right to enter her home. Pete has plans to enter her life, no matter what his superior says about new-blooded vampires and sexual relations. But first, he must finish the job he was sent to do in the mountain region. No one is more surprised than he when Vickie saves his undead hide and the day.

The third and final entry in this anthology is Midnight Court by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom. Unlike the other two, this is a historical set in the Midnight Court of Lord Rothchilde, a vampire. Chistopher Dante visits the Court and becomes involved in an unusual relationship with Rothchilde's sister, Elizabeth, who leads Christopher into a dangerous game of mistaken identities and misdirection. This story needs to be read very carefully to catch all the nuances so that you won't be totally floored by the ending.

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted November 15, 2006


So many bad boys; so little time. Unless of course, you have all the time in the world. Curl up under the covers with a trio of bad boys who know how to please. After all, they've had a long time to practice...

Immortal Bad Boys

Night Ecstasy by New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca York

New Orleans is the perfect place for Londoner Jules DeMario. It's a city pulsing with every sort of forbidden pleasure—anything a three-hundred-year-old vampire desires. Yet each encounter is a pale imitation of the grand passion he craves. And then he meets artist Taylor Lawson. Feeling stuck in her work as a painter, Taylor has come to the French Quarter looking for an escort to show her the seamy side of New Orleans, something to open her to new ideas. But it's the aura of danger surrounding Jules that intrigues her. And as their relationship becomes more intimate and erotic, it's not just Taylor's creativity that finds stimulation...

Velvet Night by Rosemary Laurey

Police officer Vickie Anderson has come deep into the mountains of Virginia looking for a little peace and solitude. What she gets instead is sexy Pete Falcon. Every bit of the cop in her says she shouldn't invite the stranger in. But the woman in her can't help responding to his black leather jacket, hard body, and almost feral combination of sex and danger. For Pete, Vickie stirs a hunger that is beyond anything she can possibly understand— one he both desires and fears. Keeping Vickie safe from the threat hiding in the Virginia woods is going to be tough, but protecting her from his own deepening desires may be impossible...

Midnight Court by L. Thomas Sundstrom

A creature of the night, Christopher Dante is as cynical as he is handsome, and as lustful as any man. He's accepted an invitation to Lord Rothchilde's infamous Midnight Court, a secretive gathering of debauchery and greed. There resides temptation. He has no defenses against the enchanting, innocent, unearthly beauty of Lord Rothchilde's future bride, but his jealous former lover, Elizabeth Rothchilde, will do anything to keep Dante safe from a fate he cannot foresee. In this Midnight Court, both Dante and Elizabeth will have to risk their hearts in order to survive...

Once you get a taste of these bad boys, you'll definitely come back for more...


Immortal Bad Boys
by Rosemary Laurey, Rebecca York, Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Kensington Publishing
September 1, 2004
Available: September 1, 2004
ISBN #0758206216
EAN #9780758206213
305 pages
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