"This paranormal suspense series debut has it all!"

Wren Valere has "talent" or magic. She is also a former thief who now uses her skills as a Retriever. A Retriever finds things that people have lost or misplaced and about which they do not want to tell the police or their insurance companies. Her agent in these jobs is Sergei, a Russian emigré who runs an art gallery on the side.

Her job in Staying Dead is to find a spelled cornerstone that has been magically stolen from the Frants' Building. What her client neglects to tell Wren and Sergei is that the spell placed upon the cornerstone was done with a blood ritual. Retrieval of this karmic-doomed item sets in motion a whole litany of problems for Wren and Sergei which could literally kill them.

Staying Dead is the first book in the Retriever series, and it is an excellent start to what I hope is a very long run for this author. The book is set in New York, a New York where magic is a fact of life and the streets are populated with mages, talents, nulls (non-magical types), fatae and other assorted preternaturals. Yet, not all is peaceful and good in this world. When reading the book, I sensed that the superficial calm is about to be breeched. It will be interesting to see how Ms. Gilman's world evolves, and how Wren and Sergei adapt to the changes that have been set in motion. Is there romance? Not yet - - but there will be! - - which is why I hope Ms. Gilman has the second book in the bag. I can't wait to read more. Sergei is a serious hunk.

This book has it all - - suspense, ghosts, secret societies, magic, humor, a mysterious hero, a comic sidekick (P.B.), and a heroine like you or me (except for the magic part, that is).

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted November 15, 2006


Manhattan's nightlife just got weirder. . .

It starts as a simple job — but simple jobs, when you're dealing with this magical world, often end up anything but.

As a Retriever, Wren Valere specializes in finding things gone missing — and then bringing them back, no questions asked. Normally her job is stimulating, challenging and only a little bit dangerous. But every once in a while. . .

Case in point — a cornerstone containing a spell is stolen and there's a magical complication. (Isn't there always?) Wren's unique abilities aren't enough to lay this particular case to rest, and so she turns to some friends: a demon )minor), a mage who has lost her mind, and a few others — including Sergei, her business partner (and maybe a bit more?)

Sometimes what a woman has to do to get the job done is enough to give even Wren nightmares. . .

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Staying Dead
(Retrievers: Book 1)
by Laura Anne Gilman

August 1, 2004
Available: August 1, 2004
ISBN #0373802099
EAN #9780373802098
352 pages
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