"Relationships are close and detailed wonderfully"

As soon as he saw her, he knew he would possess her. Sadash stared at her the first time in the Grand Bazaar, Alana, 10- years-old on vacation with her mother and uncle in Turkey. She was just a child-woman, but just small drops of her blood would sate his hunger for her. Twelve years later that dark hunger for his adorable little creature had not been sated, in fact he wanted her by his side for eternity.

Alana had dark dreams since she was young, a creature with long nails, a black panther that took her flying high in the sky, fingers touching, caressing her, and the fangs, long, sparklingly white, razor-sharp fangs. She had a fierce curiosity for the supernatural.

He had visited her throughout her life in her "dreams"; he had taken her flying, had caressed and touched her with his razor-sharp fangs. Sadash had shared her life in the shadows, the loss of her mother, growing up with her best friend and twin soul Valeria and had felt her need for the dark hunger, until it was time to reveal himself.

Alana never had a man make her feel desires that she felt with Sadash. He made her understand that hate and love were one. He showed her things through her life that she didn't understand, and he loved her. He loved her enough to give her eternity, an eternity of love and dark hunger.

For any of you female readers that have always had the fantasy of your masculine vampire following you all through your life and not revealing himself until he thinks you are ready, this book is for you. This was an excellent read. Mayra labeled this book in the horror category, but I think it is more Dark Romance Suspense. The relationship between Sadash and Alana, Alana and Valeria, and Valeria, Humberto and Alana are so close and detailed wonderfully.

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Reviewed by Angie Smith

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Posted April 13, 2002

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Posted November 12, 2006


Dark Hunger
by Mayra Calvani

Amber Quill Press
May 16, 2001
ISBN #1562799558
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Dark Hunger

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