"An Erotic Science Fiction"

Saurellian males were able to be sexually satisfied only by female Saurellians. Seth and many others had left their planet because they were unable to find a life mate. He is a Saurellian Commander stationed on this wretched planet until the new governor and occupation force arrive. Seth had asked not to be disturbed but no one had told Calla who came into his room to change the linens. Holding her close while he called security to see if she was whom she claimed, he could not stop his sensual nature from responding to her body and neither could Calla.

Calla was a slave in the House of Lilies, a space hotel filled with Saurellian Warriors. Mistress Jenner believed Pleasure Workers were destined for hell, although she treated Calla and the other slaves as if they were there already. It was a miserable existence but they knew of no other life. They were tube born beside each other on a slave farm. Slaves were usually sold in lots; so Jess and Calla had never been separated. Calla returns to find that Jess had been sold to a mining station and slaves do not long survive those conditions. She pleads with her friend Dani, a Pleasure Worker of the Guild, to help her get off the planet and find Jess. She stands in as Dani's visiting cousin, Devora, a top notch Pleasure Worker.

Seth is to be sent on a secret mission but he doesn't want to be alone on this six-month journey. He knew he would not be able to buy the slave, Calla, as she had run away and her implant had been found and is assumed dead. His former Pleasure Worker, Dani, had just the girl in mind... a close match to Calla. The resemblance was uncanny, Devora could be Calla's sister.

Neither Seth nor Calla could completely trust each other, but the burning between them could not be ignored. Can Calla find Jess while keeping the secret from Seth that she was the slave he knew? Could Calla be the one woman that could hold his attention and satisfy his sexual needs? Could she be his life mate?

This eBook had great sexual tension and is an exciting erotic science fiction read. Seth and Calla are well matched; he seems untouchable and insatiable at the same time. Calla is compliant and strong-willed, but compliant only to a certain point. I did enjoy wondering what kind of imagination the couple would have on the six-month journey by themselves, and was not disappointed. With the satisfying ending you will also see plans to continue with this wonderful futuristic saga. Ms. Wylder has created her own wonderful solar system for this series.

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Reviewed by Angie Smith

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 12, 2006


The Price of Pleasure
by Joanna Wylde

Ellora's Cave
May 1, 2002
ISBN #1843601702
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