"If you like telepathic/telekinetic love stories, this is definitely for you."

Teo Sandoval, called *El Rayo*, is a recluse, shunned by the people of his town because they were afraid of his powers. Teo had telepathic and telekinetic skills, as well as the ability to heal. When Melanie Daniels comes into his life, begging for him to help train her young son with the same abilities, he wants desperately to refuse. She is a danger to him, because her love threatens to bring up ghosts of his past, ghosts which he had hoped to exorcise through indifference. Melanie is running away from the PRI, the Psionic Research Institute, who want to take her child and run test after test on him and his abilities. She will do anything to keep Chris out of danger and out of their hands, and makes a bargain with Teo that goes against all she believes.

Good writing, good story flow, good *story*. I could see Teo's constant struggle against his love for Melanie, and it wasn't something that didn't have a purpose. He was trying to save her, as well as himself, from his love. He was a great tortured hero, as passionate in love as he was with his powers. If you like telepathic/telekinetic love stories, this is definitely for you.

Sarah Pearson / January, 2000
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Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 12, 2006


Devil's bargain . . .

Teo Sandoval's unearthly power caused storms to rage and lightning to tear across the sky. Tall, dark and brooding, he was called the devil's spawn by some. His laughter held no humor, and conjured images of smoke and fire. He wanted nothing to do with society. Until one night Melanie Daniels swept into his life, pleading for his help . . .

Melanie was desperate. Scared. Fleeing from unscrupulous scientists who wanted to control her son's telekinetic abilities. She would do anything to save her baby -- even if it meant seeking out the compelling man whose caresses unleashed a dark yearning within her. Even if it meant becoming the devil's woman . . .


Sharing the Darkness
by Marilyn Tracy

Silhouette (Special Releases)
September 8, 2001
ISBN #0373511604
Paperback (reprint)
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