"Korrene gets one-way ticket to her make believe world and High Priest of the Sea elves"

Fantasy writer Korrene Greenwood doesn't know whether or not she's going insane. The hero of her newest book seems to be always in her mind and in her dreams, but the real clincher comes when he suddenly appears to her in reality. Certain her therapist is right, that she is going insane, Korrene decides it might be best to destroy the manuscript. When the hero Rendolin shows up in the middle of this and claims she's committing genocide by destroying the book, she argues that it is her creation, therefore not real and it's her choice to uncreate. What she gets in return is a one-way ticket to her make believe world that looks and feels very real.

Rendolin is the High Priest for the Sea elves, a dwindling race on the verge of extinction. They haven't been able to produce any full elf offspring for a very long time, and their god has instructed Rendolin he must Bind with a human woman to strengthen the bloodlines. Rendolin is reluctant, having grown up with the mindset that elves are superior in all ways to humans and to mix blood was wrong. Yet even though in the beginning he loathes his duty to his god, he comes to love the confused woman from Earth even as war and chaos threatens to erupt around them.

This is by far the best ebook I've read so far. The characters were well done, and the heroine was strong which is something I've noticed lacking in any type of romance. The author fell back on the Big Misunderstanding plotline a couple of times, but that is quickly ignored when compared to the whole story. I would have loved to have seen more of the world, but alas it takes place only on an island. The world-building itself was well done though.

I'm very interested in the next book of the series, featuring the warrior woman Feenix. I loved her character in this one, and I'm hoping she gets as good a story as Kory (the heroine of this one) certainly did. Two big thumbs up for this ebook; this is a book I would definitely consider reading again. VERY happy reading! :-)

Sarah Pearson / January, 2000
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Posted November 12, 2006


Is widowed fantasy writer, Korrene Greenwood, going insane? She thinks she is when the man of her dreams, the sexy hero of her current novel, appears in her kitchen one morning and starts talking to her. The fact that he is also a five- foot, eleven-inch, green-eyed, blond-haired, magic wielding elven package of sensual masculinity contributes to her conviction that a visit to a therapist is in order.

Bent on saving her sanity, she attempts to destroy the manuscript and all traces of her book. But her hero, Rendolin, is shocked at her genocidal tendencies. To prevent her killing his people, he carries her off to his world - the world Kory believes she created.

Kory must learn to accept the fate that brought her into Rendolin's magical embrace before she can understand that love itself is the greatest adventure of all.


The Binding
(Sylvan Wars Saga, Book)
by PhyllisAnn Welsh

Novel Books, Inc.
June 1, 2001
ISBN #1931696861
EAN #9781931696869
272 pages
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