"A Great Genie Tale"

I had read Ms. Gill when she was writing for Loveswept. NO STRINGS ATTACHED is a great, fun read. Holly is a herbalist. She found a genie named Ted. She is unwilling to waste her three wishes, so Ted must hang around until she makes them. By the way, Ted the genie thinks that Holly's cat (Walter) is a king.

Luke is a logical lawyer. He is Holly's next door neighbor for the summer. He is there to prove to his mother that there is no Cadborosaurus (think Loch Ness monster). Both Ted and Luke's mother think that Holly and Luke would make a great couple. Unfortunately, Holly has good reasons for hating lawyers and Luke doesn't want to be tied down.

This book is great fun. Ms. Gill is an excellent writer. For others who have enjoyed Ms. Gill's writing, she also has a Bouquet called Little White Lies.

Chris Roberts
Posted September 18, 2001

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 12, 2006


Get Ready . . . For the Time of Your Life! Lawyer is a dirty word in herbalist Holly O'Mara's estimation; in her view attorneys are logic-driven, fast-talking slime balls. And while her hunky new neighbor has all the right equipment, he is just as misguided as the rest of the breed. Although she has a concoction for almost every ailment, Holly never thinks shell need one for an attorney with an infectious grin. The ethereal Holly captures all of Luke Nathans attention. And as the hard evidence for his attraction mounts, he knows he wants more than just a no-strings-attached affair. For the skeptic has found a creature even more rare than Sasquatch: a woman for whom he will willingly relinquish his free-wheeling bachelor days. Now Luke has only one choice: to make a case for the existence of true love.


No Strings Attached
by Judy Gill

Love Spell
March 1, 2000
Available: March 31, 2008
ISBN #0505523663
EAN #9780505523662
400 pages
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