"This is a wonderful fantasy adventure!"

Rhan, a Da'liesh sorcerer, and his friend, Taoe, a Warrior, are on their way home when they hear a woman's screams. They go to investigate and find Rhan's brother, Etan, the Home Elder of their village of Waterside, raping a girl. They are raping Ahlisha, a Tangmere child of their village. Rhan flies into a rage and beats his brother senseless. Taoe holds Etan while Rhan uses his sword to kill him.

Now, they are before the Tribunal of the Council of Elders. Fiona, the eldest, hands down the judgment. She orders that due to the extenuating circumstances, they will each serve one year in separate mines. Because Rhan is Da'liesh, Fiona further orders that his left arm be tied behind his back until his time is up, so that he cannot use his powers.

Just before Rhan's time is up in the mines, he meets another prisoner, Vero. Vero tells Rhan that he is a thief. The two of them strike up a friendship. Rhan has been having strange dreams recently. When they are released, they head to the nearest village. When they get there, they find out that there have been strange goings- on in Ourshare. The Daha'et have come to Dlrow. They have mercenaries and dragons on their side. The leader of the Daha'et is Orn. They have made a shambles out of Ourshare. It seems that they have the Wakhanee prisoner and have ended their circles. The seasons have become totally screwed up. The sun isn't even in it's proper position anymore. Rhan manages to get a crystal and traps the dream that he is having. He sees himself, Vero, Taoe, Ahlisha, a Kesh, a woman and a dog in the dream and knows that somehow they are to save Ourshare and the Wakhanee.

Now the journey begins as Rhan and Vero travel to meet their companions and begin their battle against the Daha'et. Rhan knows that there is something that Vero isn't telling him and little by little, Vero's secrets come out.

Rhan is a wounded man. His pregnant wife died by her own hand. The only problem is, when his wife became pregnant, Rhan was out making money using his sorcerer's skills. He knows that he was not the father of the child. He also learned that his brother raped his wife. Right then and there, he vowed to never love again. Ahlisha has always had dreams of becoming a bard. She has a beautiful voice and would make a wonderful bard. The only problem is, she was raped and the bards have to take a vow of celibacy. Ahlisha's parents tell her that she is ruined and will not allow her to go to the bard school. Ahlisha is in love with Rhan. When he killed his brother on her account, she also made a vow. She vowed that she would do whatever was necessary to make Rhan's name a famous one. She knows that Rhan must heal before he will be able to return her love. All the characters in this story were very well-rounded and believable. My favorite character was Lka, the Kesh. He was the first to call Rhan Thoughtmaster and Ahlisha the Conduit. They keep the Kesh in cages, but let them out. The Kesh sing and talk and it is considered good luck to have one in the home.

This is a wonderful fantasy adventure. This story has a little bit of everything in it. The Daha'et came from another planet in flying machines. The Daha'et's planet, Thamos, is much more advanced that Dlrow. This fantasy has it all, betrayal, overcoming impossible odds, death, disaster and friendship and love. I love all the different races in this story and how they all interact with each other, from Soulstealer to the Genosh they are all wonderfully portrayed in this story. This is a definite must read for all lovers of fantasy

Reviewed by Chere Gruver Copyright August 2001

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 12, 2006


ebook version - Sept. 2001; ISBN: ISBN 1586083007

Rhan, a murderer himself, seems an unlikely hero. Yet hero he must be. A hero who must put his past behind him and come to the rescue of not only his land but that of another; a past haunted by the death of his wife and the brutal murder of his brother. A murder he committed. How could he look to a future that tasted of love, forgiveness and of acceptance if he could not leave the past? A future that could only happen if he were to be a hero.


The Thoughtmaster's Conduit
by Kerry Orchard

New Concepts Publishing
July 1, 2002
Available: November 17, 2006
ISBN #1586085611
EAN #9781586085612
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