"Intriguing Paranormal Anthology!"

Merlin's Eye by Ellen Ashe:

Roger is a scoundrel and always has been. He is in the business of antique books and manuscripts and always gets what he wants by whatever means available. Having been offered a Druid book, Roger simply cannot pass up the opportunity to have it. It will make a wonderful addition to his collection, especially since Druids never wrote anything themselves. This wonderful book is being offered to him by Victoria Elwell, the sole heiress to the Elwell fortune. Her father was a world renown collector and Roger just can't wait to see his library! Finally arriving in England, he's met by a butler and taken to the Elwell estate. On the way there, he dozes and has a strange, erotic dream.

Victoria Elwell is determined to get this book and will use any means necessary to do so, even if it means blackmailing Roger into helping her. As a Wiccan witch, Victoria uses her power to make Roger dream with the aid of her amulet, Merlin's Eye. Supposedly, this amulet dates back to the time of Merlin. When she meets Roger, she once again uses Merlin's Eye to put him into a trance, where it is revealed to her he is a descendant of the God Branewor, the Hunter. He is perfect for her purposes! Of course, unknown to Victoria, her confidant, Leena, has plans for the two of them herself, and none of them are good.

Is there really a Druid Book Of Verses? Can it really exist? Will Roger help Victoria obtain this rare find? Exactly what are Leena's nefarious plans? Is Roger really a descendant of Branewor?

"MERLIN'S EYE" is a fascinating look into the world of Wicca. Ellen Ashe offers us a very intriguing look into the time of the ancient Druids in this story as well as we learn the tale of Branewor. We have three very different characters in this story. To begin with, we have Roger, materialistic, never letting the opportunity for a rare book, or a beautiful woman, pass him by. Then we have Victoria, a spiritualist, born with a silver spoon and never wanting for anything. Add to the mix Leena, a woman who came from poverty and never plans to experience it again. All these characters lead us into an interesting chase for the elusive Druid Book Of Verses. If you enjoy mystery and ancient lore mixed into your stories, you don't want to miss this one!

Sixth Day of the Moon by Celia Ashley:

Moira is at an archaeological dig in Ireland. Sensing a storm approaching, she decides to keep working. She feels something and very gently, digs it up. The object turns out to be gold and shaped like a curved sickle. It's about the size of her hand and she believes it's supposed to represent the moon at the sixth day of its cycle. She even finds inscriptions on it, predating most of the other objects found at the site. When she glances around, Moira finds everyone else trying to get everything under a tarp and getting under cover. Just as she decides to join them, she looks up and everything goes black.

When she wakes up, her clothing has been all but ruined. Her pants wouldn't even quality as Daisy Dukes at this point, and her tee shirt is showing more than it's covering. Not to mention, she's covered in soot. Looking around, Moira can see nothing familiar. Instead of the dig, there are trees, and they are huge! There's no hope for it, Moira is going to have to walk and find help. Hitting the top of the hill, Moira still can't see anything familiar. As she's walking along, she hears someone coming. Riders on horseback. Based on their mode of dress, Moira has the feeling the men on ponies must be in some kind of reenactment. When they speak to her, not only can she understand their ancient language, she can respond in the same tongue!

How did Moira end up here? Where and when exactly is here? Will Moira ever get home again? What of the prince who rescues her? Exactly what happened when Moira was hit by lightening?

"SIXTH DAY OF THE MOON" is a wonderful time travel romance. Celia Ashley keeps the plot moving at a fast pace and we quickly become caught up in Moira's story. Having survived the lightening strike, Moira isn't about to give up and goes through quite a bit of danger to stay alive. The scenery is all very realistically described, the action is non-stop, and the characters all remain true to themselves. This is a wonderful addition to the RELIC anthology.

Lord of the Night by Annalee Blysse:

Professor Roberta "Camille" Baron decided to take her honeymoon trip anyway, even though she has no groom. Especially since this is one place she's always wanted to visit, Tulum, the area her grandfather spent so much time in researching the Mayans. Even though Camille has chosen a different field of study entirely, astronomy, she has still always wanted to see this area. One morning, Camille runs across a man. He invites her to dine at his house. Camille declines the invitation. When a driver shows up at her house, she decides to go. Shad goes to all the tourist attractions with Camille, even an open-air market, where she buys something for her grandfather. A staff with a jaguar on top and mysterious writing on it. When Camille decides to surprise Shad with an unannounced visit, she finds him occupied with a woman and another man! Deciding to cut her vacation short, Camille goes back home.

Shad can't believe this woman he has found and immediately claims her. When she disappears, Shad goes back home and sends his little brother Merrick to find her.

When Camille gives the staff to her grandfather, he immediately berates her. It turns out the relic isn't a copy at all, but the real deal. Once he manages to translate the writing on the staff, her grandfather has proof his theory being real after all. The jaguar gods the Mayans believed in were real! They are shape shifting aliens from another planet coming to Earth and the Mayans worshipped them. Camille puts up a web site for her grandfather and that's when the trouble begins. She starts receiving all kinds of threats, right down to waking up with a jaguar in her bed!

Who is the mysterious Shad Camille met in Mexico? Are there really shape shifting aliens coming to Earth? What of the jaguar in Camille's bed?

"LORDS OF THE NIGHT" provides us with an intriguing look into the civilization of an alien planet. Annalee Blysse has done a wonderful job with this story. The action keeps us turning the pages right up until the very last one. And I love the part where Camille teaches Merrick how to surf. The characters are all very realistic and remain true to themselves. This is one story you don't want to miss!

Curse of the Cat's Paw by Tracy L. Ranson:

The whole way to Scotland, Jamie VanWell is thinking of the reason for her trip. Way back in the days of "Longshanks," king of England, land was given to Jamie's family in Scotland, displacing the current Laird. And ever since the sole surviving Munro gave Jamie's relative a mummified cat's paw, her family has been cursed with bad luck. Suffering everything from madness to suicide and every kind of bad luck imaginable, right down to Jamie's finding her husband in bed with another woman, Jamie has decided to reverse the curse by returning Craogh Mor to the Munros.

Ian Munro has been in a depression ever since the death of his wife and son. Dearly loving Bridget, he not only lost his firm, but his best companion has become a bottle. As if his life isn't bad enough, this American is coming to take possession of his land! So Ian heads to the airport to pick this American up.

Eventually, the two of them make it to Craogh Mor, even though they end up walking a part of the way when the truck breaks down. Jamie can't believe how beautiful the place is, and just full of antiques. This is when strange things start happening. In her room, Jamie hears a cat meowing. When a cat jumps in the middle of her bed with a bloody front paw, Jamie runs out into the hallway to try and get someone to help the poor thing, just to be told it's not real! The cat is a ghost! And this is just the first of the ghostly visitations.

What is the story with the ghost cat? Why does Jamie have its missing paw? Why is she supposed to reunite the paw with the cat's remains? Why is the solicitor stalling on the paperwork so she can turn Craogh Mor back to its rightful owner? What of the attraction between Jamie and Ian? Will Ian ever get over the loss of his beloved wife and son?

"CURSE OF THE CAT'S PAW" is a wonderful paranormal romance. Tracy L. Ranson does a fantastic job of drawing us into the lives of the characters as an evil plot is revealed. And the addition of the ghosts just adds to the experience. We have a wounded hero and heroine, both suffering the end of a marriage—one though death; the other, through divorce. We have ghosts, trying to make the two of them act in the way the ghosts want them to. And underneath it all, we have the attraction between the two of them. This is another story you don't want to miss!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 12, 2006


Myths, legends, or terrifying curses? Relics- four mysterious and powerful remnants of history that impact four lives and take love to the outer limits of the imagination.

Merlin's Eye by Ellen Ashe: Unscrupulous book dealer, Roger Brinckworthe has made a fortune buying and selling antiquated medieval manuscripts. Following a lead on an ancient Druid Book of Verses, he travels to England's famed witch country to find that the mysterious heiress, Victoria Elwell, has her own agenda, and that Devon's witchcraft is not confined to the pages of history.

Sixth Day of the Moon by Celia Ashley: Trial by fire is not just an expression for Moira Delaney. Struck by lightning while on an archeological dig, Moira is transported thirteen hundred years into Ireland's past. Forced to seek the protection of a young warrior prince from the violent impulses of his brother, she discovers the price of guardianship is a night of pleasure, while the outcome of treachery is a soul destined to search for another through time.

Lord of the Night by Annalee Blysse: Camille didn't believe her grandfather's claim that the relic she found proved there was life on other planets. Yet, she believed that she was falling for a shape shifting jaguar. But could she trust her heart when Merrick admitted his brother claimed her first? She'd never been successful with men, so what on Earth would she do with two jaguars?

Curse of the Cat's Paw by Tracy L. Ranson: Some myths are real, others legendary.... Sinister legends and deadly forces shroud Jamie, keeper of the mysterious mummified cat's paw, on her journey to the misty moors of Scotland. Once there, she hopes to right the wrongs of the past, counting on everything to go smoothly. What she doesn't count on is the sexy as hell Scotsman, Ian Munro. Can she return what is rightfully his without sacrificing her heart? Rating: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, violence, and adult content.


by Ellen Ashe, Celia Ashley, Annalee Blysse, Tracy L. Ranson

New Concepts Publishing
January 1, 2006
Available: January 1, 2006
ISBN #1586088025
EAN #9781586088026
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