"Wonderful blend of Celtic and Paranormal Romance!"

This story concerns the lives of some of the characters we were introduced to in THE FOX PRINCE, however, VIXEN PRINCESS takes place sever years later. Our story now has Nesta as the heroine, the sister of Tryffin. Having wed Gwydion, Nesta found true happiness, only to lose it when the love of her life dies and leaves her a widow. Her niece, Enid, Tryffin and Aelfrida's daughter, is currently staying with Nesta and trying to get poor Nesta married. Of course, the only suitors Nesta has don't arouse a sense of anything but disgust in her.

A new war chief of all the Celtic people is about to be named, Arthur ap Uther. Arthur and his entourage are heading to Silchester for the naming and Nesta plans on accompanying them. Since her husband's death, Nesta has been the leader for Tauton and she plans on fighting in her husband's place. Naturally, Enid fears for her aunt and tries everything in her power to dissuade Nesta from doing so by trying to persuade to get married. When Arthur shows up at Tauton, along with Mabon, his second-in- command, Nesta realizes she is attracted to Mabon.

When the party reaches Silchester, Enid goes to the bishop in residence and asks for his aid in keeping Nesta from fighting. How this aid manifests itself is not exactly what Enid had in mind.

Mabon finds himself attracted to Nesta, but feels unworthy of her. As a Celtic princess, Nesta is way above Mabon in social standing. Mabon has no royal blood in his veins and he's scarred from the fire which took his parents. Fighting his attraction, Mabon is suddenly beset by the ghost of Nesta's dead spouse, Gwydion. Of course, Mabon is only one who can see and hear Gwydion and Gwydion is determined to see Mabon and Nesta wed!

Will Nesta engage in fighting? Will her suitors give up and leave Nesta alone? Will Mabon and Nesta ever act on their feelings? Will the ghost ever stop plaguing Mabon?

VIXEN PRINCESS is a wonderful blend of paranormal and Celtic romance. Cornelia Amiri has done a wonderful job of blending the two together and bringing the Celtic era to life in this wonderful romance. And the fact Mabon is the only one who can interact with the ghost leads to some really funny scenes and misunderstandings because of what Mabon says to Gwydion. I really loved the fact we got to see what happens to the characters from THE FOX PRINCE as well. The time period is realistically portrayed, right down to the battles between the Celts and the Saxons. Cornelia Amiri obviously did her research before ever beginning to write this story. The characters all remain true to themselves, the action is non-stop and I loved Gwydion! This is one Celtic/Paranormal romance I recommend!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 12, 2006


In 5th century Britain, a hardened Celtic warrior and a fiery, headstrong, sword wielding widow battle Saxons as a matchmaking ghost follows his quest to open their lonely, locked hearts with the magic of love. Will Nesta and Mabon continue to battle falling in love as hard as they fight Saxons? Has the power of love met its match with these two hardened warrior hearts?


The Vixen Princess
by Cornelia Amiri

February 1, 2006
Available: February 1, 2006
ISBN #1587495406
EAN #9781587495403
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