"Time travel for the pre-teen set"

Told in first person format, TIME IN A BOTTLE is the story of a seventh grade boy named Kevin, and his three friends; Naomi, Michael and Tasha. Kevin is a bit of a nerd, with his thick glasses and interest in computers. Kevin has trouble from bullies at school, and finds that he looks at his buddy Naomi in a new light recently. When did she become a girl?

When an accident occurs, involving an antique bottle, a computer, and Kevin's little brother, the four friends are transported back in time to an old western town named Bodie, in 1880. While back in the past, these friends must deal with prejudices, and the inconvenience of living without modern technology, all while trying to discover a way to get home to the future. But first, before they go, they must find a way to protect a new friend, Sarah, from an abusive step-father. The friends discover the meaning of real friendship and caring as they search for the solutions to their dilemmas.

TIME IN A BOTTLE is a simply told, easy to read book for pre-teens that held my interest. Through the experiences of the children, we learn what it was like to live back then, and we see how people can adapt if they must. The children are nice, ordinary kids who handle themselves well under adverse conditions, exibiting genuine feelings of concern and fair play.

Reviewed by Janice Bennett
Posted October 4, 2002

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 11, 2006


Time In A Bottle
by Karen Anzalone

Wings e-Press
July 6, 2002
ISBN #1590880730
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