"Romantic and tender vampire tale"

Suffering from feelings of inadequacy thanks to his vampire father mating with his mortal mother, Roger was determined to settle down with a full-blooded vampire woman. He had it all planned out, never factoring in the most important part; the heart chooses who it will love, not the mind.

Bored, restless, and at odds with life, Roger found himself draw to an internet chat-room called Transylvania. Even knowing it would probably be filled with mortals playing at be vampires, he still found himself intrigued by the possibilities.

There he met Fyre, a woman who made his heart sing and his soul ache for what he couldn't have. Drawn to her despite his resolve, he struggles with his desire as a man, and his determination as a vampire. is more than a story of a vampire finding his mate, it is a tale of love and longing awakening within, of working past the blocks life puts in love's way. Romantic and tender, a vampire tale without the intense lust, Brakos is a soft reminder of what falling in love feels like and why it is so precious and should be nurtured. The sometimes love does finds a way.

Reviewed by Michelle Houston
for PNR Reviews
Posted May 21, 2003

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 11, 2006


Roger Wannamaker spends his nights brooding over his lost vampire heritage. When he wanders into a role-playing chat room, he can finally become the man he was always meant to be - Brakos, King of the Vampires. But when he meets the woman who would be his queen, can he tell her who he really is, or are they destined to remain online lovers only?


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by Linda Bleser

Treble Heart Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #193174226X
EAN #9781931742269
100 pages
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