"Thrilling fantasy mystery!"

Gryphon O'Connor has never been accepted. Being the only one of his kind, even among all the different creatures in the Order, has not been easy for Gryphon. All he's ever wanted was to be accepted as he is. When his Druid parents performed a spell before his birth, it went wrong somehow and Gryphon was the result. The Sorceress agreed to help Gryphon, on the condition he does whatever she wants him to. And so now he's bound to do her bidding, which has usually been acting as the Order's enforcer. So not only is Gryphon not accepted, he's also feared. Now the Sorceress has a new mission for Gryphon; he must go to New York and recover three rune stones which were stolen from a burial mound. These are the Rune Stones of the Tuatha de Denann and give whoever knows the spell the ability to shift into the creature of their soul, if they are touching them while saying the proper words. On this mission, Gryphon's parents accompany him to New York, where the stones have been taken.

Heather Green works in a museum with Celtic artifacts. This is Heather's ideal job as she loves all things Celtic. The professor has just come back from an artifact gathering trip and Heather is busy cataloging all the items. There are few discrepancies in the paperwork, but Heather doesn't think anything of it. Well Heather has a habit of working late and the guard, who is also her friend, always walks her out to car. When Heather returns to the museum in the morning, she finds the guard has been brutally murdered. That night, Heather has a visitor in the middle of the night. A man—the epitome of a Celtic warrior, right down to the warrior braids—somehow has managed to get inside her locked apartment. This man keeps asking Heather about some rune stones the professor brought back and Heather has no idea what he's talking about.

When a woman is found brutally murdered in the vicinity of the museum much the same way as the guard was, Gryphon must find out who has the stones. Even though he knows the Sorceress will not approve of an outsider being involved, Gryphon finds himself unable to stay away from Heather.

Exactly who does have Rune Stones of the Tuatha de Denann? What sort of creature has this person become? Will the person eventually go after Heather? Will Gryphon be able to reclaim the stones for the Sorceress? What will the Sorceress do when she finds out about Heather's involvement with Gryphon?

GRYPHON'S QUEST is a fantastic story of magical creatures. Candace Sams has written a thrilling story of magical beings. In this life and death love story, we have two tortured souls coming together. Heather has always lost everyone she's loved, from her parents to the guard. Gryphon has always been shunned and has lived a very lonely life. From the first meeting between these two, sparks fly. This is a heartwarming story of love and acceptance and one that will stay with me for a very long time. This is definitely one you don't want to miss. I can't wait for the next one in this series!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 11, 2006


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Gryphon's Quest
(Tales of the Order - Book 1)
by Candace Sams

Titan Press
March 1, 2006
Available: February 28, 2006
ISBN #1598361112
EAN #9781598361117
199 pages
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