"Fantasy tale of Love, light and dark combining to defeat evil"

Dylan McGregor, Laird of the McGregors, is out in the forbidden forest searching for two hunters that have disappeared. The forest is home to magic and most of the people avoid it. Dylan was cursed by his father. He bears the mark of the dragon and most people fear him, including his brother and sister. He runs across some tracks and decides to follow them, even though he knows they are not the tracks of either of the hunters. He comes upon a pond. He stays behind some greenery and sees a beautiful woman with long red hair go into the water. He immediately falls in love. He vows to have her one day. The woman has left her crown of flowers on the shore. Dylan takes it and goes back home.

When Rhiannon gets out of the water, she notices that her crown of flowers is missing. She doesn't think too much of it and goes about her business. She is planning on visiting Dela, the old healer that lives in a cottage in the forest. When she gets there, Dela has a gift for her. Dela gives Rhiannon a Moonstone on a chain. She tells Rhiannon that the stone will become hot when evil is close by. Dela has also seen a bit of Rhiannon's future. Rhiannon must bed with an enemy. Rhiannon is a child of the light and her mate will be of the dark. She will know this man by the fact that he carries the mark of the dragon. Rhiannon doesn't know who her parents are. She was sent to the clan McKay to be raised by them along with her brother, Robbie. Rhiannon is treated like a servant by the McKay's and doesn't have many friends. She is a healer among the clan.

When she gets back to her room, Robbie bursts in and tells her that he will be fighting against the McGregors. Rhiannon doesn't want to let him go, he is all that she has left. So she comes up with a plan on how to keep him safe.

The next morning while all the men are gathering, Rhiannon has changed into some very smelly boy's clothes. She attaches herself to the group of men leaving and ends up in the battle when she sees Robbie being attacked. She ends up being captured and Robbie escapes. He promises to come back for her. She is now a prisoner of her enemy. The Laird decides that she will be his personal servant while she is his prisoner. Now the fun begins as Rhiannon has to try to keep up her disguise of being a boy. She is fighting an attraction to the man. When she notices the dragon mark on him while he is bathing, she knows that she doesn't have to pretend to be a boy anymore. She must get him to mate with her.

Dylan is a very definite Alpha hero. He is Laird of his clan and is used to being obeyed when he gives an order. His clan is very prosperous, but is now being attacked by what he knows to be a dragon, even if he won't admit it. He was raised under a curse and has always been alone. Everyone is afraid to get too close to him, including his brother, Owain, and his sister, Nessa. He wants Rhiannon very badly. He lost his very soul to her and will not rest until he finds her and makes her his. Rhiannon is a very strong young woman. She has very few friends and is also very lonely. She has no idea of who her parents are and really wishes that she knew. She has found a way to become useful to her clan and tries to help everyone that she can. She knows that she and Dylan will have to fight the evil Sorcerer, and that they can do this together. They each have different strengths and powers that must unite in order to defeat evil. Dela is actually Meg, the giver of life. She goes about as Dela to disguise herself from the Sorcerer. The Sorcerer wanted her and when she married Gian instead, he vowed that he would have her daughter and rule over all with her blood. She does what she can to keep Rhiannon and Dylan safe.

This is a wonderful fantasy story. I really loved the feelings and emotions between Dylan and Rhiannon, and how they each learned to deal with the hurts from their respective pasts. I loved the dragons and how Dylan interacted with them. There were even fairies in this story as well. I really enjoyed the light and dark combining to defeat evil. This fantasy had it all, dragons, fairies, an evil sorcerer and an eternal love. The action is fast paced and will definitely keep your interest from the very first page. This is definitely a story that I recommend to all lovers of fantasy.

Chere Gruver
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 11, 2006


In darkness...
Living his life as a shadow in his own keep, Laird Dylan survives in spite of a curse shackling him to an existence of loneliness. Cursed by the dragons, he is the target of superstitions and unimaginable evil. Now those very dragons lay havoc on his lands, leaving him alone to seek and conquer them. To find success he must first accept the light. Will the faith of the chosen be enough to guide him?

In light...
Destiny has set the course for Lady Rhiannon. As The Light's chosen, she will face great dangers, for evil draws near and follows her at every turn. As much as she fears the journey, her heart questions as much. For along her path she must bind with a warrior marked with the flame of the dragon. Can she forgive the fact that he is an enemy of her clan?

By magic...
Deep underground, the hidden gate to the Dragon's lair has been cracked. The most evil of sorcerers has set a course to find the Golden Key. Determined to have his revenge, he will stop at nothing to vanquish the Power of Two before they can destroy his plans for absolute power.

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The Dragon Laird
by Deborah Lynne

Echelon Press
March 1, 2003
ISBN #1590802314
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