"Take a crash course in an alien culture"

When their world was destroyed by war, the surviving Ducranians settled on a different planet. Discovering that there were too few survivors meant they had to find an alternate means of reproduction. The decision was made to try and breed with human women from the planet Earth. A crew of five was sent to bring back four women as mates, impregnate them and see if reproduction is even possible.

Tau wasn't planning on selecting a mate for himself. When a woman "saves" his life from a gang attack and takes him to her home; Tau's fellow crewmembers want to kill her to keep their Earth raid a secret. Instead, Tau saves the woman's life by taking her back to his home world. Kelly Scott knew she had been kidnapped and she knew her life was endangered; she just never realized she could fall in love with the alien who abducted her.

THE LION'S WOMAN is fantastic and I was thoroughly sucked into the story. "What if" becomes Kelly's reality when a cat like race takes her to a totally foreign world. Because of this, Kaitlyn O'Connor is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors in regards to world building. Tau speaks very little English and I really liked the way our couple communicated both with words and gestures. So while there isn't as much dialogue as I am used too in a novel, the descriptions both from our heroine and the author are fascinating as well as sometimes humorous.

As mentioned, Kelly is kidnapped from Earth. I think she is more independent than the other women taken and combined with the fact that Tau doesn't acknowledge her as his chosen mate, Kelly has some very choppy experiences enroute to her new life. She is thrust into the position of not having any security and yet Tau won't let anyone else have her.

Something I really liked is that Tau rescues her from getting dissected as a "lab rat"; because of this their relationship is built on the need for survival. While her attraction is growing; Kelly does sit back and question her physical attraction to Tau, a man she doesn't know and a man who did rape her shortly after she was kidnapped to get her pregnant. However, there is something very touching for me about the two of them as a couple. He obviously cares for her, he just needs to deal with his own hang-ups: primarily that she isn't a Ducranian.

While there are numerous obvious typos that were annoying, some of Tau's butchered English was unfortunately also trying at times. THE LION'S WOMAN is not going to appeal to everyone but I think it is an excellent story and one I would highly recommend. Just be prepared to get totally immersed into an alien culture!

THE LION'S WOMAN does contain explicit language, and mild bondage

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 11, 2006


When Kelly Scott rescues a man under attack by a roaming gang, she has no idea that it will change the course of her life, but she begins to form an inkling when she discovers he is not of Earth. It isn't until she finds herself aboard the haden ship, bound for New Ducran, however, that she realizes how tenuous her position is. The mission she has stumbled upon is to secure wives for the New Ducranian colonistsóbut Kelly wasn't chosen, and she has no way of knowing if she can convince Tau that she's worth keepingó although it doesn't seem to be difficult to convince him to impregnate her.


The Lion's Woman
by Kaitlyn O'Connor

New Concepts Publishing
May 1, 2003
ISBN #1586084224
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