THE STAR KING by Susan Grant is a marvelous peek into one view of what the not so distant future could hold. Space travel, optimism and above all, romance!

On Earth, Lieutenant Jasmine Boswell is a fighter pilot struggling for her life after being mistakenly shot down by friendly fire. On Balkanor, Romlijhian (Rom) B'kah, has also been shot down and is dying of radiation poisoning. These two meet in a vision that helps sustain them until help appears. Twenty years later, even though she has been divorced and has grown children, Jasmine is still haunted by the vision she believes is a dream. Rom is also haunted, but believes the vision is reality and hunts for Jasmine through the universe.

Rom, is a trader. After being cast off by his family years before during the war that almost cost his life, he has wondered through the universe trading goods, helping those less fortunate and looking for Jasimine. When he lands on Earth, Jasmine sees him on television as part of the trading delegation. She doesn't understand why he would be in her dream or why she is compelled to see him again; but she dons her old uniform and infiltrates the Air Force base that houses the space ships and stows away on Rom's ship. Jasmine and Rom have quite a time adjusting to each other's customs and way of life. Trust does not come easily even though they are physically drawn to each other. Rom's old adversary reappears and Jasmine does everything she can to help Rom eliminate this threat to his planet.

The Star King is advertised as an Žaviation romance'. It is a science fiction romance. When aliens land on earth with trading ventures in mind, to me, that is science fiction. The main focus is, of course, romance. The true life mating between two adults destined to be together

Science fiction romance is a new venue for Susan Grant. Her previous book ONCE A PIRATE was an attention riveting time travel. Both genres were done very well, but since my personal preference is for romantic science fiction, I only hope she will continue to write science fiction romance, especially focusing on the mature characters that appeal so greatly in this story. THE STAR KING will attract science fiction readers of Anne McCaffery and Andre Norton since it is a natural bridge for romance readers who like fiction, futuristics, or science fiction. The sequel THE STAR PRINCE is eagerly awaited.

Vicki Patterson / November 2000 Copyright © 2000 for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 11, 2006


Haunted by a magical encounter in the desert after her jet was shot down, ex-fighter pilot Jas Hamilton is determined to discover why dreams of the mysterious golden-eyed man have derailed her life. When the two find each other after twenty years, they rekindle a passionate attraction.

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The Star King
(Star: Book 1)
by Susan Grant

Love Spell (Perfect Heroes)
December 1, 2000
Available: December 1, 2000
ISBN #0505524139
EAN #9780505524133
368 pages
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