"Combine a tooth fairy and a bogey man and you end up with a funny, funny story!"

p>Isabelle "Belle" Moody is still somewhat in shock over what her aunt has done. Not only has the old dear lost all their money, her job is in jeopardy as well. Which is why she's agreed to play the part of a princess for a friend of her uncle's. The money she'll make will be enough to enable her to keep their family farm and pay off the blackmail. After putting in an appearance as the princess at Maude's party, Belle now finds herself having a private chat with the woman. Not only is Belle shocked to discover Maude was once an orgasm fairy, she's also shocked when she finds out Maude wants her to marry her son. After this little chat, Belle decides she needs a hot bath. After the hot bath, Belle puts on a pair of panties and decides her feet don't really want to be forced back into the high heels so she'll just go to bed. So she turns out the light, crawls in and finds herself rolling into a man!

Daniel "Boone" Wentworth has no idea what's going on with him lately. He's seen more doctors than he cares to recall over the bumps growing on his back. The other thing bothering him is the evil voice in his head, which is making itself heard more regularly. All these things began after his father died. All Boone's money, and he still has no hope of a cure. The last straw is the beautiful woman pretending to be a princess! After the last fiasco of a woman conning him for his money, he won't allow it to happen to his mother. Which is exactly why Boone decided to kidnap her. Of course, the fake princess won't agree to go with him until he offers her quite a substantial amount of money, just reinforcing his bad opinion of her.

When Boone offers her quite a bit of money to stay away from his mother for six weeks, Belle has no option but to accept. Belle just hopes her aunt will continue to cover her route. Belle loves her job as a tooth fairy. She loves making children happy. However, if the Fairy Council ever found out Ewan was her real son and not adopted, she would lose her wings. Which is why she's being blackmailed. Even though she's very attracted to Boone, Belle won't act on it. After all, she did sign the contract with the celibacy clause.

Will anything develop between Boone and Belle? Just what are those bumps on Boone's back? Why does he seem like two different people to Belle, sometimes nice and sometimes really nasty? Will Belle be able to save her farm and keep her son? Will she keep her job?

SLEEP TIGHT is a humorous look at the world of tooth fairies and bogeymen. Laura Marie Altom is an "auto buy" for me and this book doesn't disappoint. Take one tooth fairy with a secret past, add a man turning into a bogeyman, a retired orgasm fairy, throw in a retired Easter bunny and you have a hilarious mix! Both our hero and our heroine are wounded by relationships in their past and reluctant to enter into a new one. I loved the secondary characters in this story as well, from Boone's mother, the retired orgasm fairy, to the Ewan, Belle's son. This story will draw you in from the very first page and hold your attention to it's amazing conclusion. I highly recommend anything by author Laura Marie Altom and this is one you don't want to miss!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 11, 2006


Being a Tooth Fairy is a low-key, wonderful gig: collect a few teeth; make kids smile. For Belle Moody, life is perfect - until her aunt Lila loses their every dime! What will go under kids' pillows? She has to take a second job playing the part of a European royal just to get change.

Millionaire Boone Wentworth's year has gone from bad to worse, and now heís experiencing headaches and dark mood swings, becoming a real Boogeyman! Heís sold everything to hide out on a remote farm, but nothing can stop the transformation: He's even grown wings! So when he learns the sexy princess who made her way into his life is a fraud, her charade is something he just canít swallow. This princess is going to discover that trying to dupe him is like pulling teeth.


Sleep Tight
by Laura Marie Altom

Love Spell
September 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525690
EAN #9780505525697
352 pages
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