"The incredible sequel to MAGICK"

This book, MORE THAN MAGICK, is the continuation of the story of Win and Diana Sayre, which was begun in MAGICK.

Win is a mage of the Balance, a kind of religion, based on magick that worships the Goddess. He recently found his lifemate, Diana, an Adept, who is a very rare member of the Balance that is able to practice all kinds of magick.

When a Healer Apprentice, Carla, disrupts the Balance by being kidnapped out of the Ocean Magick stronghold in Rhode Island, and horribly abused, Win is selected to be the temporary Guardian there, as the old one failed at protecting everyone. His first tasks are to find Carla and bring her home safely, and to strengthen the protection on the stronghold so that can't happen again. Diana's Sight dreams assist in finding Carla, though they aren't able to determine who the abductor is... until later.

While Win is learning his new job as Guardian, finally reaching his dreams, Diana is adjusting to life in the Balance, still refusing to worship Goddess because She forced Diana into a very unhappy life growing up, reason being that Diana needed that to learn strength and fully appreciate her gifts and accept the Balance. Win and Diana are also still learning to grow together as lifemates, their conflicting views causing much tension between them, on the brink of tearing them apart.

When Sulis, Win's sister is drawn into the web of the man who abducted Carla, destroying her mind in the process, Win and Diana must put their differences regarding Goddess aside so as to rescue Su from the evil man who has her. Diana must also come to terms with her feelings and decide once and for all if she will dedicate her life to Goddess and the Balance.

This tale is first and foremost a love story, the continuation of Win and Diana's growth as a couple and their love for one another and their acceptance of each others' beliefs and dreams. The characters, not just these two, but all of them, are skillfully rendered and fully developed. One learns what makes them be whom they are, focusing on back-story just enough to understand their reasons for being as they are.

There is plenty of plot to be found, the character driven storyline of Win and Diana's relationship, as well as the action driven plot surrounding Carla's kidnapping and resulting trauma, and Su's relationship with the villain. Magick, of course, is a key element in all the plotlines, in the form of a good vs. evil struggle with a twist.

Ms. Taffs once again lovingly creates the Realm of the Balance, showing her attention to detail and her vivid imagination by crafting a world of magick, love, and beauty, that the reader can't help but be drawn into, never wanting to leave. This reviewer loved her second visit to the Balance, hoping there will be more books from the pen of Mary Taffs, and future visits to such an incredible world. This story will convince the reader that MORE THAN MAGICK can be found everywhere, if only one looks for it.

The reader will be captured for the very first gripping scene, vivid and detailed, and not let go until the end, riding through a roller coaster of adventure and love, all the way to the incredible climax. One does not have to read the prequel, MAGICK, to follow the story, but it will fill in some of the recent history leading to events happening here, making this story all the more intriguing.

Kelley A. Hartsell, April 2003. All rights reserved.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 11, 2006


Diana can't forgive Goddess; Win can't forget that Diana's an Adept. When evil threatens the Balance, will the lifemates need more than magick?

More Than Magick is the stand-alone sequel to EPPIE2003 Finalist Magick. The highly-acclaimed fantasy romance Magick follows Diana into the world of the Balance, where magick is used to uphold good in the service of Goddess. There Diana learns she has previously-unsuspected magickal ability, and that Win, the Mage who's been protecting her, is her lifemate, the other half of her soul.

More Than Magick continues Diana's journey. She and Win are now lifemates, but the Balance is still a puzzling and disturbing world to her. Will she ever truly fit in? Does she even want to?

Meanwhile, Win has challenges of his own. The job of his dreams is now his, and he must learn to deal with a whole new set of responsibilities while his Stronghold is in danger. A Guardian has lost his magick and a young woman has been kidnapped. Are these events related, and what is their significance?

Win and Diana must find these answers. They also must discover the incredible power of their lifemate bond.


More Than Magick
(Magick Series - Book II)
by Mary Taffs

April 1, 2003
ISBN #1587493780
EAN #9781587493782
191 pages
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