"I am charmed with this story!"

As a high witch, Bronwyn loves her small town life in Sweet, Texas as well as her job serving as a protector to the Prim Minster. But everything in her perfect world changes when a sexy doctor moves into town -- who happens to be a good warlock; she saves the life of a hunky Sheik -- who gives her a Lear Jet she can't seem to return; and there is now a hit on her life -- infusing her life with bad warlocks trying to kill her as well as those she protects.

Bronwyn just has self-set rules that she tries to adhere too: Never date a client or a warlock.

Candace Havens had me in a giggle-fest. CHARMED & DANGEROUS is written out like you are reading Bronwyn's diary -- which she started writing after a particularly nasty warlock tried to kill her. She decided that she needed to leave something behind so that when her diary was found, her loved ones would know what happened to her. Rather than beginning with the standard "Dear Diary" or such she starts out with the number of spells cast; bodies left in her wake; or returned jets and a few other cute headers. Hence, the giggle-fest.

While Bronwyn does attract her fair share of danger, she has a relatively normal life in Sweet. She is remodeling the house she bought and loves to garden, which also strengthens her magical abilities. I enjoyed the light humor interwoven throughout her diary entries because her job as protecting the Prim Minister (PM as she calls him) and the Sheik is a little intense.

Her relationship with Sam, the doctor is nothing short of electric. I really like the fact that even though they are crazy about each other they are trying to have a normal dating relationship to start out with. Then when Azir the Sheik enters the picture, I truly feel Bronwyn's confusion: true love versus a serious crush!

CHARMED & DANGEROUS is a fun, light read that isn't just fluff. Sounds like a contradiction, but read the book, you'll see what I mean!

Review date: March 31, 2006

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 11, 2006


When Bronwyn turned twenty she took the oath to protect, and for the last five years she's kept that promise, working as a kind of one-witch secret service to the British Prime Minister. Her arsenal includes a combination of potions, spells, explosions, mind-reading tricks, and general butt-kicking skills. But Bronwyn has a soft side, too-especially when it comes to Dr. Sam, the favorite physician of her new hometown, Sweet, Texas. He's smart, funny, adorable, everything she could want in a man. Except he's also a warlock-a big no-no in Bronwyn's book of dating. Being a witch is definitely getting in the way of her sex life. If zapping evil jerks is easy, why is finding a boyfriend so hard?


Charmed and Dangerous
(Brownyn: Book 1)
by Candace Havens

Berkley Pub Group
December 1, 2007
Available: December 4, 2007
ISBN #0425219003
EAN #9780425219003
304 pages
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