"a visual feast, though not a reader\'s smorgasbord"

Elliana (Ellie) Munson was devastated by her beloved sister's death and shocked to find that she had been chosen to inherit Rhiannon's horse farm. Her husband wasn't so pleased. After all, he had no use for a farm way out in the countryside or a bunch of horses that would need to be cared for and maintained properly. On the heels of yet another argument, Ellie leaves, heading for the farm to fill her sister's last wish that she mourn at the farm.

The quiet moments of grief usher Ellie into a new world, a world of fairies and elves and mystic, hidden kingdoms - a world whose King is waiting for her. For, unknown to Ellie or any of her family, Rhiannon had been leading a complex double life, horse breeder in the 'real' world and well- loved Queen to a devoted Elven monarch in that land beyond the bucolic pastures.

Rhiannon has one last gift for her sister - the Elven King himself. She did everything she could to make sure that her husband and her sister find the love that they both deserved.

There is no doubt that ELLIE AND THE ELVEN KING is a beautiful book. Oversized and full of lavish full-color illustrations, usually mixes of paintings and photographs, the book is pleasing to the eye and fit for a place of honor on bookshelf or coffee table. The sheer beauty of the concept makes one think of gift books and treasures.

Nevertheless, this isn't the best introduction to modern romance for a new reader to the genre because, simply put, the story isn't quite enthralling. First, it's short, not even novella length. The book is clearly printed with an eye to imagery and visual layout, meaning that there are huge spaces of white on each and every text page.

Second, mostly due to the limited length, the story itself isn't that compelling. The characters are limited and the romance a bit too rushed to be believable. Traditional romance fans may be put off by the facts that Ellie is married (to a one-dimensional creep) when she fell into her 'romance of a lifetime' and the whole marrying-her- dead-sister's-husband bit. However, as a fairy tale it is entertaining and in places even delightful. ELLIE is a visual feast, though perhaps not a reader's smorgasbord. Recommended for its visual concepts, you will enjoy this book but if you're looking for an earth-shattering, heart- pounding romance, look elsewhere.

Reviewed by Ann Leveille
February 21, 2004

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 11, 2006


Journey to a realm of romantic fantasy...Elliana Munson knew her frail and lovely sister, Rhiannon, was fated to suffer an early death. What she did not expect, while visiting the fabulous horse farm she had newly inherited, was to be carried off by a pair of lusty fairies to a magical realm just beyond the fences of the south pasture. Valdemar, King of the Elven people, did not think he would ever live or love again following the death of his beautiful and beloved Rhiannon. Without a queen, he, and the people of his kingdom who guarded and maintained the spirits of mankind's horses, were doomed to disappear. Then his fairies brought him Rhiannon's final gift...


Ellie and the Elven King
by Helen A. Rosburg

Medallion Press, Inc.
October 1, 2003
ISBN #0974363901
EAN #9780974363905
104 pages
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