"The final battle between the hunters and the hunted"

Since rescuing Heather Green from a yacht called the "Bloody Hell," Colin can think of nothing but getting her well, and spending the rest of his life with her. After experiencing such unspeakable evil at the hands of the vampires, will his love be enough to bring her back from the edge of darkness?

After being kidnapped by a horde of vampires, Heather lived in a world of fear, darkness and pain. That is until being rescued by the Unkindness of Ravens, a family whose mission is to destroy every last vampire. Now she is making her journey back to the light, with help from Colin Moore, a member of the Unkindness. With his unwavering support he has guided her back to life and into his heart. But with that awakening, Heather has attracted the attention of a dangerous and powerful vampire, Nicholas Reicher, the leader of the only remaining clutch of vampires. Nicholas will stop at nothing to have her and exact his revenge on the Ravens. When Nicholas infiltrates Ravencrest, the family stronghold, the Ravens wage a final battle between the hunters and the hunted that may destroy them all.

This is the seventh and final installment in the Raven family saga and is not to be missed. The author does a wonderful job of pulling the reader into the emotions of Heather and Colin, and satisfying the reader's curiosity about the rest of the Raven clan. A must read for fans of the dark and sensual Raven heroes.

Review date: June 2005

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 10, 2006


Heather Green teetered on the edge of Hell when Colin Moore appeared out of nowhere and snatched her back, encircling her in his strong arms—saving her from a fate worse than death. After her ordeal, Colin had been there, easing Heather back toward the light. Now she was strong again. And it was time to show him just how she felt—about him. Colin Moore's life had changed. Not only had he become one of the Unkindness of Ravens—a group of vampire hunters—but he had finally experienced something that had taken control of his world ... love. The moment he had laid eyes on Heather Green, it was as if his soul had become complete. It had been excruciating, waiting for Heather to heal from her experience of being taken by vampires but she was worth the wait. Now it was time to unleash his feelings for her. But—there is a darkness on its way to Ravencrest, the home of the Unkindness and it will arrive in a flurry of raven black wings. Ramsey, once a prisoner of the Unkindness, had escaped but he was on his way back. And this time, he's bringing reinforcements with him to exact his revenge. Will Colin be able to conquer the evil that invades Ravencrest or will Heather fall prey to the most powerful vampire of them all—Nicolas Reicher? Will Ravencrest finally crumble? Or will the power of love save them all?


Colin the Conqueror
(Raven Series Book 7)
by Rhiannon Neeley

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
May 1, 2005
ISBN #1595781277
EAN #9781595781277
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