"Wonderfully complex tale!"

Thirteen years ago, Zara Devine was born. She was the first to be born after the nuclear explosion in Beckering, very near her home. Different from other children since her birth, Zara doesn't have much to do with them and tends to stay by herself. Even her mother and father tend to leave Zara to her own devices. So on her birthday, Zara travels to the site of the explosion and the coming of the Truth Cloud. Trying very hard, Zara is able to contact others of her kind telepathically.

When the children of the Truth Cloud can no longer stand the emotions and thoughts of the Isolationists, they begin to gather and live apart from the rest of the humanity. The Centroid tells the children of the common purpose and so they begin gathering nuclear materials to make their own bombs and create more of the Truth Clouds.

Meanwhile, one woman, KT Wishbone, special advisor to the President of the United States, is able to communicate with this children. What she finds scares the pants off her. Not only can these children communicate telepathically, they have awesome powers of controlling things around them as well. And their purpose is one of evil.

Will these children be stopped before they destroy the Earth? Can they be stopped?

SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN is truly an awesome and complex work of art. Michael J. Davies paints a pretty bleak picture in this story and held me spellbound the entire time I was reading it. The many different levels in this story just add to it. We have a bit of everything, from a totally incompetent British Prime Minister, to the only woman on Earth who knows the true evil of these Truth Cloud children. These good looking children are totally without emotion and have no idea just what disasters they are bringing to the planet. Michael J. Davies is truly an artist who can create whatever type of world he wishes. And while this may not have been a light, easy read, it is one which I will never forget.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 10, 2006


A freak explosion at an industrial site sends a cloud of nuclear gas high into the East Anglia sky. Zara Divine reached her thirteenth birthday and felt the need to go to the site at Beckering and make contact with the many "others" she has sensed in her mind. The Children of the Truth Cloud have dark and awesome powers. Their growth threatens the very fabric and existence of humanity as society breaks down and religious sects and anarchy spread around the world.

Into the fray steps a special advisor to the American President, a black woman who has her own brand of telepathy. KT Wishbone realizes how evil the Children are and believes only total destruction will prevent the annihilation of the human species. At the nucleus is The Centroid, guiding the Children to the common purpose by the common will. The clash of humanity meeting the minds of the unfeeling Clan challenges the previously ordered society. It is a tense and chilling tale, horrendous and graphic, with the ability to soar to fantasy and yet remain rooted in everyday recognizable experiences.


Suffer The Little Children
by Michael J. Davies

Wings e-Press
April 1, 2006
Available: April 1, 2006
ISBN #1590885104
EAN #9781590885109
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