"What a mix! Shape shifters, time travelers and Jack the Ripper!"

Jacynda "Cynda" Lassiter is a Time Rover for TIC, aka Time Immersion Corporation, and has been noticing the company has been cutting things a bit close lately. Once she brings her tourist back from Pompeii, she's really looking forward to the four day break she's entitled to. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen. She's given another assignment right away. Now, she's supposed to go back to 1888, just before the Whitechapel murders, and bring back a tourist. All this time traveling isn't exactly good for a body and right now, Cynda is suffering and barely manages to get to the boarding house employees of TIC normally use in this time period. Lucky for her, there just happens to be a doctor in residence, Alastair Montrose. Of course, Alastair thinks Cynda is crazy when she socks him in the face claiming to see a huge blue spider. And so begins an uneasy friendship between the two.

Cynda eventually finds her tourist and sends him back. However, it turns out there's another overdue tourist in the same time period Cynda is in. Not only an overdue tourist, but also a missing Rover, one Cynda is very close to. Her lover, Christopher Stone, is missing as well. Naturally, Cynda will stay and find them both. This time period is off limits to all time incursions due to Jack the Ripper, but Cynda has no choice—she will find Chris and the overdue tourist.

While Cynda is attempting to find her tourist, TIC is not doing well financially and plans to orphan Cynda where she is once the tourist is returned. During her search, she gets Alastair to help, as well as one of his friends, Jonathon Keats. When Cynda finally manages to find Chris, she knows there's something funny going on when he turns up dead in the Thames. Since Chris is terrified of water, Cynda knows his death was not a suicide and gets Alastair to perform an autopsy on him. Now Cynda determines to find her tourist and solve Chris' murder.

What is going on? Where is the missing tourist? Is there some tie in with the Whitechapel murders? Will Alastair and Jonathon find out what time Cynda is from? The two of them are also hiding something from Cynda? What is it? Will Cynda be able to solve Chris' murder?

SOJOURN is a fantastic read! Jana Oliver has woven a wonderful tale combining shape shifters, time travelers and Jack the Ripper. It's obvious this time period was well researched before Jana Oliver ever put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Not only the area and streets, but the clothing, customs and the way people in Whitechapel lived. I had the feeling of actually being in Whitechapel myself as Cynda went through various pubs trying to find her tourists. The introduction of the Transitives with their whole secret society would have made the story worth reading by itself. Cynda's being a Rover traveling through time and TIC were so believable, as to be scary. This book definitely has its place on my keeper shelf. I enjoyed this story so much, I'm sure I'll read it again and again. I'm so glad there will be more TIME ROVER books. As the first of the series, all I can say is WOW!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 10, 2006


Welcome to Whitechapel. The year is 1888.
Discovery is the ultimate risk...
for the shape-shifter
for the time traveler
for the madman who hunts them.

Victorian London harbors dark secrets. Shapeshifters weave skillful illusions, cloaking their identities while a killer stalks the unwary in WhiteChapel.

For Time Rover, Jacynda Lassiter, the mission is simple -- find an overdue 'tourist' and return him to 2057 before he alters history. For Dr. Alastair Montrose, the danger is discovery -- for himself and his kind. To prevail, they must outwit a madman whose legacy will endure for centuries.


(Time Rovers: Book 1)
by Jana G. Oliver

Dragon Moon Press
May 1, 2006
ISBN #1896944302
EAN #9781896944302
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