"Absolutly Phenomenal!"

First off, I just finished this book and knowing the sequel will be out in June (2005), has me chomping at the bit to read it... I also have to say that this book is worth every penny if you choose to buy it in paper format.

Before the wars started, two fathers hoping to end the tension between the clans betrothed Lachlan Douglas and Kimberly Kincade. However, when a traitor to the Douglas' throws everyone into war, the marriage contract is forgotten, as clan Douglas becomes the enemy to all the other clans.

Many years later, Kimberly is a fighter pilot on the warship Shadowkeep. Because she has doubts about the sanity of her commanding officer, Rama and his reasons for attacking a Douglas stronghold on Mars she is part of a secret resistance group trying to end the war. But it isn't until she finds the first line Douglas on the Shadowkeep close to dieing from his injuries that Kimberly decides, for the sake of ending the war to rescue Lachlan.

Lachlan cannot believe that Kimberly is willing to aide him from escaping one of the men responsible for causing the war and warning his father about the up coming attacks on their other strongholds. However, when Rama tracks them down and catches them, Kimberly again tries to aide his escape. Even though it means his own death, Lachlan steps in front of a laser blast meant for her.

Grab your seat belts people and get strapped in, because R. Garland Gray has written an extraordinary futuristic novel in space! There is nothing simple about this plot line and while it's riddled with scenarios that will keep your nose glued to the book; her writing style is straightforward and easy to follow.

One of my favorite things about this book is how the Celtic heritage has evolved. For me, I love Scottish historicals and I love futuristics novels, so there couldn't be a more perfect combination than this book! The keeps built on other planets are modeled after castles from Scotland on "Ancient Earth"; and while the hero doesn't run around in a kilt, he does wear armbands etched with his families' motto. And lets not forget the Scottish was just enough to remind you that our characters actually have a heritage (so it wasn't mentioned then dropped for the duration of the story), and not overwhelming by making you sound out your sentences because of words that are hard to pronounce.

While some of the more scientific occurrences that happen in DARKSCAPE seem like they should be far-fetched, I found them all the more interesting because, for example I've just been reading about how we (earthlings) are discussing terra-forming the technology IS here and under discussion. I really felt like Ms Gray did some research for our future living off of Earth. Don't worry though, the science isn't overwhelming so don't get mislead, DARKSCAPE is an excellent romance, with some very passionate love scenes.

R. Garland Gray has done an excellent job, I think, with her character development. Someone betrayed Lachlan's family, and honestly, I was surprised by who it was. Likewise, the enemy is so well written, he is someone you can easily hate, and I found myself unable to stop reading (but not the only reason) because I needed to make sure he got his comeuppance!

If you like futuristic romances written by CJ Barry, Catherine Spangler or Linnea Sinclair, I highly recommend DARKSCAPE: THE REBEL LORD.

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 10, 2006


Across darkness and space there is only the enemy.
Lord Lachlan de Douglas, a noble warrior lord, is heir to a Clan of Ancient Earth. Bold, rebellious, possessing strength and passion, he defends his clan from annihilation against a wretched war of masked vengeance and treacherous shadows. Until one day, a sudden horror alters his being, condemning him to a world of private anguish and torment.

Kimberly Kinsale, a diplomat's daughter, is a rare beauty motivated by honesty and integrity. Serving as a lieutenant in an elite combat fighter group aboard a war ship, she governs her life by the intrigue and lies of her commanding officer. A moment of lunacy and folly, a secret revealed, and Kimberly stumbles upon an unspeakable deception.

Now she must decide. Maintain her loyalty, or betray her clan and ship for a Douglas enemy lord who can prove the truth - never knowing the battle for justice would take her through Lachlan's nightmare, a rage so deep, a suffering grounded in shame and pride, even when peace shone in sight. For theirs is an unexpected passion, born in the fires of a shared need and desperate struggle. And as time slowly runs out - even an exquisite love may not be enough for salvation. To save Lachlan, Kimberly will fight the sinister legacy of the matrix robots and trust the handsome enemy lord with her life, her heart and her very soul.


The Rebel Lord
(Darkscape: Book 1)
by R. Garland Gray

April 1, 2004
Available: November 10, 2006
ISBN #1553160134
EAN #9781553160137
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