"Wizards and sorcerer's and an adventure that keeps you reading"

As a healer, Khamsin has to fight for the respect of the other villagers. They don't trust magic of any kind, even if it is to heal them. She has never really been accepted by the villagers. Now that she is in her seventeenth year, the sorcerer is supposed to come for her. Tavis is supposed to keep her safe from him. Tavis refuses to allow Khamsin to practice her "witchcraft", so she goes to Tante Bron's cave to seek answers in the mage circle. While she's gone, the village is attacked by the Hill Raiders. Her husband and everyone she loves have been killed. There are three survivors of the raid, and they latch on to Khamsin as the cause for the raid. Just as they are ready to kill her, she is rescued by Rylan, the Tinker.

Rylan brings her back to health and Khamsin and her cat, Nixa, decide to travel with him. They go to the city of Noviiya. Khamsin is attracted to Rylan in a way that she never was to her husband. She's afraid of her feelings. She knows that she has to confront the sorcerer and she doesn't want Rylan to get caught in the middle. She's also afraid of losing him. Rylan is attracted to her as well, but he never forces her into anything. She has to choose and he always abides by her decisions.

This is a fantastic fantasy tale. I always love Megan Sybil Baker's heroines. They are always no nonsense, capable women that always meet fate head on, and Khamsin is no exception to this. I was transported to the city of Noviiya, along with Khamsin. My favorite character in this story is Ciro, the old wizard that teaches Khamsin. I really loved the old dog and the meat pies part in the story. This story pulled me in from the first page, and held my attention throughout. This one has it all, from healing magic to demons to wizards and sorcerer's and a HEA. I would dearly love a story in between WINTERTIDE and THE ACCIDENTAL GODDESS.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 10, 2006


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by Megan Sybil Baker

June 1, 2001
ISBN #1553165233
207 pages
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