"An awesome shapeshifter romance"

Tahira Kuric is a member of the Hayet Kabile, the ghost tribe of shapeshifters. Tahira and her brother are kidnapped along with other big cats. When Antoine Monier is summoned to the scene of a poacher crime, he smells another shifter. When Antoine learns that the police have a tiger that wasn't killed by the poachers, he claims the tiger is his. With Antoine's help, Tahira escapes discovery and travels to a safe house to await the arrival of her family. Unfortunately, Tahira is a "power well", able to drain the power of other shifters, and an evil shifter seeks to use her for world domination.

CAPTIVE MOON is an awesome shapeshifter romance with great world-building and complex, interesting characters. From the first page, I became involved in Tahira and Antoine's struggles and was pulling for them throughout the book. The attraction between Antoine and Tahira is instantaneous, but they must work through their problems to have a happy ending. CAPTIVE MOON is filled with wonderful secondary characters, who lend their own unique flavor to the story.

All in all, CAPTIVE MOON is a wonderful read, and the Sazi series is addictive. This is a must-read for the lover of shapeshifter romance.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted November 10, 2006


World-class entertainer and Sazi councilmember, Antoine Monier has taken his big cats all over the world without any trouble—until his latest trip to Stuttgart, where one of his tigers is stolen and killed. To Antoine's surprise, the German police have another tiger in custody—a tiger who is actually a lovely Turkish-American woman, Tahira Kuric.

Like Antoine, Tahira is a shapeshifter, but of the Hayalet Kabile, the ghost tribe of shapeshifters. And despite their immediate attraction, Tahira wants nothing to do with Antoine—the Sazi are the enemy of the Hayalet Kabile.

But Tahira doesn't have a choice, because she and Antoine have discovered that she is a fabled "power well," able to store magical energy from other shapeshifters—and something is hunting her, eager to use her powers for itself.

Only if they can set aside their peoples' ancient rivalry and rely completely on each other—body and soul—can Tahira and Antoine save themselves and their people.


Captive Moon
(A Tale of the Sazi: Book 3)
by C. T. Adams, Cathy Clamp

Tor Books
August 1, 2006
Available: August 1, 2006
ISBN #0765354012
EAN #9780765354013
384 pages
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